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#SoCS – ‘Ask somebody for a prompt’ Prompt @LindaGHill

#SoCS – ‘Ask somebody for a prompt’ Prompt @LindaGHill

See Here for Linda’s blog and info for #SoCS

‘Ask ‘somebody what my prompt is!”

Do you think I have prompt-buddies on speed dial? Is there an assistant that I can turn to?

“Ask somebody what my prompt is, Mr Daniels!” Without please or thank you.

I might pop to a neighbours and ask them what my prompt is – but, the hard of hearing and the hard of understanding won’t be much use to me in this dire emergency.

Hold a seance and ask the dead what my prompt is – mmmmm? Well, that may not work without a room full of gulls called Ibble. And the widgee board could be said to have been fixed. Knock once for ‘my prompt is ‘fire’!

And on it goes.

And I only have ten minutes from when I set the 10-minute timer to do all of this!

I’m on a strict deadline here, folks!

I need a prompt, and I need it now – or yesterday would be even better.

Where is it – I’ll check the post box, under the settee, behind the cooker… no, no, and a big fat NO!

None of those places is where my prompt is. Perhaps I. Oils just use last week’s and say that ‘I’m terribly sorry, but my house was ill and my cat fell down.’

That might work in some other,, less stringent, Universe – but not this one – Oh, no.

I shall just have to wing it and work on the basis that if I choose any old prompt there is a 1 in 50,000,009 chance of it being the one – it’s probably a better chance than that, but if you put 50,000,009 on a calculator and turn it upside down you will find the word ‘oooooo’ – now isn’t that interesting? Rhetorical! Question!

Oh, well, I shall have to admit the feet (de feet) and just await a proper prompt so that I can write a proper stream* of Consciousness Saturday piece.


*Is where my 10-minutes ended.

LindaGHill’s #SoCS – 10-Minute write – The Bat

Linda G Hill’s SoCS

linda’s #SoCS (10-minute SoC) – prompt: 3-letter word.

Linda’s prompt (See here for more info) for SoCS (for Stream of Consciousness Saturday) is “3-letter word.” Start your post with any 3-letter word. Bonus points if you end with one too.

The bat was sat upon the mat.

”Whatever you is, you ain’t no cat, bat!” remarked Alice, with all the caring love in her voice that any bat-mother could display.

”We got no need for a batty bat!” her little joke.

The bat pricked up it’s ears and tried to understand the words. No, just the sound of the human’s voice with no actual level of comprehension.

The bat sat for a while longer, before deciding that sitting upright was a bit of a chore.

’I shall go and hang from the ceiling once more – I enjoyed that the last time I tried it.’

The bat had been experimenting with its environment. Learning by watching its bat-mother was not going that well; walking on two-legs, sitting upright, and talking in that deep and gruff manner weren’t natural for the bat – and then there was the diet.

Bat was sure that cheese and pickle sandwiches* were very nice, if you liked cheese… and pickle.

The bat upon the mat thought a lot about that.

*That was as far as I got in my 10-minutes.