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Prospero Prospers? (a monologue).

Prospero: Think that there was a time we had a veranda, Miranda?

We had. It was truly a magnificent sight.

It started to the left of the palace

and went all the way around;

there were gardens of substantial beauty;

and a lake – mustn’t forget the lake –

and upon the lake…

the ducks!

Oh, those ducks!

What a noise;

though the geese were noisier still;

we stood and watched their antics;

whilst somebody else settled the bill.

That was a joke, Miranda.

At which you we’re supposéd to laugh…

(there is a short pause)

I do have another joke, Miranda…

It involves a short-necked giraffe.

No? Well, maybe another time.

(there is another short pause)

Did I mention that we had a veranda, Mirabelle?