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Did you miss me?

Well, did you miss me?

And my silly little rhymes?

Sorry for the lack.

Sometimes you have to refuel,

and your health is important.

Monday Tanka – Acrostic

Monday starts the week,

Other days follow Monday,

Nine days in total—

Definitely ‘nine’ I say,

And you only have to count—

Emergency Haiku Tanka (introducing Harry Haiku)

“You need a Haiku?

Don’t have the time to write one?

Well, call this number:

o, seven six four two five

and ask for Harry Haiku.”

A Stab in the Dark

All the lights were off

and the cast were in the dark;

a shot rang out – Bang!

When the lights were put back on

Colonel Mustard had been stabbed.

Saturday Haiku/Tanka/Senryu Combo.

I have to write them,

Haikus, that is, and yet, no,

I shall not do that!

But, who has power,

who can honestly say, no,

when a Haiku calls?

I know I cannot,

I have to write the three lines,

because, I have to.

Not that I am weak,

but, every week day is

a Haiku day, no?

Go on, try it out;

seventeen syllables, then…

create your Haiku –

or add a couple of lines

and it becomes a Tanka.

Or make it funny,

and, by definition, you,

have a Senryu.

The Village idiom – A Tanka

‘Who are you?’ you ask;

‘I am the Village Idiom’,

I reply, smiling,

‘And I am over the moon

about the whole debacle.’

“Cosy Tanka, anyone?”

“Keep away from me!
I am trying to stay free
of the cruel virus.”
“But, we just want to join you,
become a cosy Tanka.”

My Life Haiku

To write on my life,

in seventeen syllables,

just cannot be done.

A haiku series,

maybe that is the answer –

I’ll try it and see.

No, that didn’t work,

it soon became quite boring,

in fact, tedious.

So, I’ll stick to one,

keep it simple, as they say –

whoever ‘they’ are.

My life? Ongoing,

doing this and some of that,

breathing in and out;

taking each day in its turn,

writing Haikus and Tankus.

A Haiku For Now

A Haiku For Now

Not for yesterday;

and it’s not for tomorrow;

it is just for now.

That is not to say

you can’t read it tomorrow;

because, yes, you can.

But not yesterday,

that would just be quite something

out of the normal.

So, this here haiku –

well, this series of haiku –

are of the moment;

and just don’t you forget it –

Tankas available, too.

Boxing Day 2018 #8 (07:00)

Boxing Day 2018 #8 (07:00)

Seven hours have gone

the sky has lightened to blue,

if grey can be blue;

which is just my saying ‘clouds’

and lots of them – ‘cest la vie!’