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“It started off as a Gull Tanka…”

“It started off as a Gull Tanka…”

A gull has to do

what a seagull has to do;

but in name only.

There are no birds called seagulls;

and only three types of gull:

Herring, Large White-Headed,

and the Great-Black-Backed –

obviously there are others;

but, if I mentioned them all here,

I wouldn’t be able to fit them

neatly into this Tanka.


My Broken Phone Screen (a Tanka)

My Broken Phone Screen (a Tanka)

The coldest day yet,

and my phone screen has just cracked –

my timid fingers

fear of the glass splinters there

that do seek retribution.

Tanka Poetry

Tanka Poetry

Tanka Poetry:

not an easy thing to do,

or so it is said;

but, all you need to do is

add two lines to a Haiku.

I Tried to Write a Tanka

I Tried to Write a Tanka ©️GraemeSandford

Today is the day when my Tanka’s to be done – I tried to write one; but, sad to say, I couldn’t, so wrote a prose piece instead.

A Tanka of Tea?

A Tanka of Tea?

A Tanka of tea?

“No, thank you!” and “No, sirree!”

I can say no more.

Never been a tea-lover;

I would show that tea the door.

A Day Trip to Liskeard (by car), Looe (by train), and Polperro (by glass-bottom boat).

Possibly on this boat…

It’s Thursday morning,

we are going on a boat,

and also a train,

to Liskeard Looe, Polperro –

it’s going to be so cool.

I’l take some pictures

of the journey to show you –

and it will not rain;

because we have ordered Sun

and it’s arriving at Noon.

Two Tankas are sometimes better than one – sometimes. (Tankas for #LPG #LiskeardPoetryGroup).

Two Tankas for the Price of One!

Tanka very much,

I appreciate your help

in all that I do.

Which sentiment is sincere

if not a little solemn.


Well, that was no fun!

I usually say less

and make it jokey.

But, Wednesday can be dull

if it rains and I get wet.