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Lois Lane

We saw Lois Lane today,

we drove past and waved,

our smiles and laughter

graced the day;

we were not in Metropolis;

but in St. Stephen,



There’s a thing,

I now sing,

“Lois Lane

invades my brain.”

I’m no Superman (yes, I watch Scrubs, don’t you?)

I am no Peter Parker
No Clark Kent
Not even a small
Super-Hero am I

I am a mere mortal
With all the fallibilities attached
That are normal for a human
(With a few extra for luck)

Luck for me has been bad and good
Weighted toward the negative
In my head
And it’s lucky that I am still here today

Today, here, with good things going down
And a life before me
That I never thought would be mine
Which is lucky

Lucky is relative
And lucky is
Or isn’t
Always of the right kind or there when you need it, right?

Right! It just is
Or isn’t
And that’s the way of things

Things of a life we all live.