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Sunday’s write

I went to write something for Sunday,

but, as Sunday never writes anything for me…


Then I read some other people’s poetry and stories – which I should do more often – and their words were good, great, wondrous!


Then I added a bit to a short story that may get even longer – if it finds out where it is that it is going.


Then I wrote, am writing, this.


Hot off of the press, but nothing to write home about.


Well, it makes a change from my quirky poems, don’t you think?


I shall get back to QPs later – probably.


As to the weather – it is very cold here, but probably colder elsewhere, so it’s just a comment and not a complaint.


Where ever you are – take care and stay safe.


I care for your well-being.



dy’Sul Haiku

dy’Sul at week’s end,

dydh da, sos – my Sunday friend;

Gerlyow attend.




A mix of Kernewek and English, with layers of meaning and rhymes combining both.


dy = a contraction of ‘dydh’ = day

dy’Sul = Sunday

Sul = the Sun

dydh = day

da = good

dydh da = hello! / Good day!

sos = friend

Gerlyow = words

Sunday in the rain

Sunday arrived,

and so did the rain,

it washed away the snow,

the ice, the slush,

and made things clean again.

But, damp,

oh so very damp indeed;

it rained so much more

than was necessary,

needed to do the job,

and if it keeps on raining,

we’ll go outside and bob

around the garden,

or sit on rafts and float;

I think I might just spend today

in fashioning a boat.

A quiet Sunday morning walk

A quiet Sunday morning walk,

with just the sound of flittering birds,

as the dogs and I traverse the country lanes.

Further on, the cry of new-born lambs

from a field, a distance away,

that is dotted with many off-white clouds of fleece.

Other fields have grazing cows,

quieter in their ruminations,

while yet others are carpeted with growing crops of an unknown type.

Two horses freely digest their findings,

conversing sparingly with their neighbours, another herd of grazing cows.

I tip my hat to the morning,

and offer thanks

Thursday Afternoon

With five syllables

and only two longer words:

Thursday Afternoon.


Monday and Tuesday,

Friday, Sunday, and today,

also fit the form.


But not Wed-nes-day,

and defo not Saturday,

or yesterday day.

Sunday – acrostic?!







Sunday After Noon Haiku

Written after noon,

and. complete before midnight,

these words must suffice.


But, if they do not,

then please write in and complain –

your words ‘do’ matter.

A Sunday Haiku – short and sweet

Yet another day,

and this one is called Sunday –

it has its moments.

Rainy Day Sunday Haikus

“Can you hear the rain?

It’s falling like share prices

after a buy-out!”


“Sorry, it’s like what?”


“It is like the aftermath

of a takeover.”


“Or it’s just rainfall”


“You could say that it’s just that;

but I tend not to.”


“I can see you don’t –

which makes these Haiku boring;

not funny at all.”


“Well, they might not be

quite to everyone’s taste,

but I like them… lots!”


“They do go on… lots!

Perhaps you should now desist..”




“Yes, please.”



Sunday Haiku

“Is it Sunday? Yes?

How? Where has the weekend gone?

Is it Monday, yet?”