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It’s Rainbow time!

Out we go,

and wet we get,

although it’s almost sunny;

yet we don’t mind

we go to find our Rainbow,

as it’s Rainbow Time!


Sun, Sea, and Sand

I have the Sun,

plenty of Sun.

Sand? I have that, too!

As far as the eye can see,

I can see sand.

As for the sea,

it seems to be hiding from me.

The Sun shone upon me

Well the Sun is out,

but the heat is not,

it’s very cold,

not very hot,

must be winter

quite a lot today

The Seagull and the Rainbow

The seagull flew

across the sky,

and spied a Rainbow

passing by;

the seagull asked

‘Where do you go,

when the Sun and rain are through?’

The Rainbow replied,

‘When they have gone,

when the rain has fallen,

and the Sun has shone,

I follow after,

in their wake,

until another bow

I should take.’


The seagull flew,

the Rainbow faded,

life carried on,

though now slightly jaded.

Everything under the Sun

Everything under the sun,

must mean everything;

but, what about when the Sun goes off to bed?

Everything under the Moon?

But, the Moon isn’t always there

when the Sun is off getting some shut-eye

So, when the Sun and the Moon

are off wherever they go to at night,

is there anything left?

Where is the rain that they promised?

Where is the rain that they promised?

The Sun is now shining on me;

I wanted to get wet to the skin,

like the fishes that swim in the sea.

What needs to be done

What needs to be done

by the light of the Sun

can’t be done in the dark …

unless you have a torch, obviously,

and then it might.

“Where is my Rainbow?”

We went out walking,

and we got wet;

then, the Sun came out,

and, yet…

I had to cry out

(It was almost a shout,

into the sky)

‘Where is my Rainbow?”

It wasn’t there…


Dec. 8th – Rainbow’s Ends – #PoemForADayDecember

The rain had been,

and was on its way back,

the Sun shone briefly, somewhere,

and a Rainbow was birthed.

And I could see ‘both’ ends,

one in a field to my left,

one in a field, ahead, and to the right;

they were both, in one turn of the head,

within my sight.

But, which to chase,

and would there be gold to find,

the possibilities traversed my mind;

and, at that moment,

the Sun lost its view,

and the rain blew into my face,

and washed the rainbow away.

I stood there speechless,

there was nothing left,

to say.

There was rain, then sun.

There was rain,

then sun,

but, rainbows, none.

I wrote a little poem about it,

this is the one.