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Sommer, Sommernt.

Whan that y sun shineth down upon

The lowly folk that to eek fro e goon;

eek als that y rayne that rayneth hathe stoppéd –

Namore to dampen oure spirit droppéd;

Outte to playe eek journeye fare

On briske foote, or inne motore carre,

which carre hath na yette binne Inventived soone,

so, uponn Shank’s pony they shalt be goon.

Poem 21 (Spring Turning To Summer) 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 21 – 20:00 16-05-2017
At Eight o’Clock in the evening

In England’s green and sunny land

As mid-Spring

Boings towards early Summer,

We are full of the joy that beholds the changing seasons,

When reasons are few;

Apart from the growing warmth and the morning dew

Along with lengthening days

And short-changed nights

We have more quality time

For the family 

And sundry sights to see.
Looking back from December’s cold and darkened altitude

We shall remember with fondness

The lengthened days

And the joyousness of our time

When Spring sprang into Summer

And Summer seemed to rhyme.