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We’ve all lived too long

We’ve all lived too long,

and seen too much;

and now, This!

Let’s live no more,

and see no more;

then we won’t have to deal

with This.

Randomly Writ


And ‘Stupid’ is with me



I ‘am’ the living embodiment

of stupidity.

I know, I shouldn’t be a boaster

Shouldn’t stick knives in toasters;

Shouldn’t set fire to lofts

Or leave spoons In microwaves;

And a stitch in time saves

The jeans that rip after I bleached them

I thought they’d be all white

I thought they”d be alright

But, they weren’t

And I wasn’t;

And so much more

That I am sure

You’ll agree

With me

That I am with ‘Stupidity!’