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100 Monkeys

A hundred monkeys

washing their sweet potatoes

in a stream,

had realised

how good their lives were,

they were living the dream.

A hundred sweet potatoes

being washed in the stream

didn’t realise their imminent situation,

they had been living in a dream,

and would soon wake up.

One stream,

having one hundred sweet potatoes

washed in it

by a hundred monkeys,

considered the way

that the world had changed.

Yet, the stream continued to flow,

and the soil from a hundred sweet potatoes

was washed away,

and the monkeys moved away

to eat their fare,

and the stream returned

to its dream of flowing here

and flowing there.

Stream-Train of Consciousness Writing



I’ve got my back to the wall
I’ve got my back to the engine
The world flashes by
There is no tomorrow
It is always today
In my mind
The here and now
Of the lost and found
Will go to ground
With unexplainable ease
Before you can say “Why?”
Or ask “What?”
Or do “Anything.”

Best not to ask what your cross-country train can do for you.
Best not to.
You might not like the answer;
Somebody might not like the question;
Nobody will know if you just keep it to yourself;
Except little, old you.
So, that’s okay then.

Where were we?

And… Where are we?

More to the point…

What’s for tea?