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A Tale of Three…

A Tale of Three…

Aubrey the Strawberry, Salty the Peanut, and Banango the Weird – a mixed up one if there ever was – walked into Kind Café, one day.

It had been a very hot day, and the three of them were in search of an Ice-cream each to cool themselves down.

Aubrey, Salty, and Banango surveyed the ice-cream menu.

Aubrey looked on with dismay as she saw the options, Salty turned up his little peanut nose at the PB &J cone;

Banango ordered a Banana and Mango Chip Cornet (with sprinkles).

Aubrey and Salty looked at Banango with wonder – he was being really weird lately.

Banango paid and took his selection ‘to go’ and they all left the Kind Café.

Within two minutes a hungry Herring Gull had swooped down and the Banana, Mango Chips, Sprinkles and Banango the Weird had all been swiped by the hungry gull.

Aubrey and Salty were sad, but this was slightly relieved by the fact that Banango the Weird had gone as he had always said he had wanted to.

Strawberry Jam Lid 2


But, not a word of encouragement or a pithy / witty saying is there displayed upon the inside of a lid of Frank Cooper’s “Oxford” Strawberry Conserve. They may have been established in 1874, but that butters no parsnips with me (or many people) – Their contact address is in Leeds (I’ve been to Huddersfield but I’ve never been to Leeds).

If Frank Cooper (if still alive) or his representatives would like to have words on the underside of their Strawberry Conserve lids I would be willing to pen a few pithy / witty sayings for them – we could barter for Jams and Conserves. G:)