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Monday, after the storm

All is calm here,

all is still,

all is as it was,

and will,

if truth be told,

continue to be so.


We survived the storm,

we are back to the norm,

life goes on,

until it is gone.

In the middle of a Cornish night

Cornish Rain

A thunder storm

May not be the ‘norm’

But, even amongst thunder storms 

maybe that one wasn’t

It was epic.

Lashings of rain

Again and again

Flashings of lightning

Immense and, at times, frightening;

Hailstones as big as marbles

Attacking the roof

As if shot from peashooters

And with unerring accuracy.

And the duration

Of the whole

Was also impressive.

We lay there

Admiring the ebb and flow

And even more flow.

And when, eventually

Things had subsided

To a constant and reliable rain,

We, decided that a Cornish thunderstorm

Would be nice to have

As our ‘norm’.