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The Bells of St. Lalluwy (2020) – and a look back at ‘The Bells of St. Lalluwy (2019).

Sunday morning,

10:30 a.m.

and I can hear the bells,

thr bells of St. Lalluwy,

as their sound chimes

across the fields

that lay between us.

Unseen church,

I hear your call,

“Come to pray,

come one come all;

or just listen to my pealing sound

and pray at home;

for, there, I am also to be found.


‘The Bells of St. Lalluwy (2019)’

I can hear the bells of Menheniot

ringing out for prayer;

across the fields I hear the knells,

and, soon, I won’t be there.

I can hear the bells of Menheni

a-ringing in my ears;

they call the flock from off the land

to seek comfort for their fears.

I can hear the bells of Menhen

appealing all to come;

the faithful and the sinning soul,

the sentient and numb.

I can hear the bells of Men

though softer than before,

until at last,

the peals have passed,

and I hear the bells no more.

“Can you hear the bells, Cousin Jack?”

“Can you hear the bells, Cousin Jack?”

I can hear the bells of Menheniot

calling me to prayer;

but, maybe they aren’t calling loud enough

for me to travel there.

“St. Lalluwy…” I call,

“Why so do you ring;

there’s twenty thousand Cornishmen

who cannot hear a thing.”