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Haiku 4th the May

A Haiku, this is;

Fourth, May of, I did write it;

rather good, I think.

May The Fourth (Forgive Me)

This is definitely 'Not' a Star Wars post!

This is definitely ‘Not’ a Star Wars post!

I am ‘not’ going to write a poem about Star Wars today –
You can’t force me;
I know that it is the fourth of May
But, I hardly think that I would lower myself to do something so nerdy
What on Darth would I be thinking?
To stoop Solo and write something based upon that.
I know I want to; but, I would be a Leia if I said that I knew anywhere near enough about a far off galaxy to do it justice.
So, I won’t.

… take a Luke (or a Wookie) at this…

I, Lord Darth Vader,
‘Did’ tune into the Dark Side;
To abuse the Force.