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“Well, it’s not Cornwall!”

We looked up at the pyramids. Caught in their majesty. Awed by their stature.

“Well, it’s not Cornwall!” I said.

There was agreement all round, and so off we went to check out the Sphinx

“Jackdaws would really love my big sphinx of quartz”

They do so love it,

so much, in fact,

that I have to hide it.

As a rule, like Magpies,

Jackdaws are attracted to shiny things,

the glistening of lost wedding rings

and things that go bling in the light.

My big Sphinx of quartz

is very precious to me,

and I would hate for it to be

stolen by a sable clad aviator

for their collection.

Correction: I would really hate it –

even though it is fictional,

just a thing of words.

She gave me funny looks – revisited and extended

She gave me funny looks,

crochet hooks,

second-hand books,

and a map of denial.


So, I travelled to Egypt,

by camel, by foot,

where I smiled at the Sphinx,

and called out, ‘Hapsut!’

Me and the Sphinx

Me and the Sphinx

I listens

and I thinks

I’m inscrutable,

like the Sphinx;

and I’ve got a big head

and the body of a lion;

but, that’s where the similarity ends.