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The Comment heading towards the planet Earth at upwards of a thousand miles per second

The Comment, similar in size and shape to the one that ended the era of the Dinosaurs, headed towards the planet Earth at a considerable speed; and, even though sound can’t actually travel through space – as it’s a void – you must just suspend your disbelief for a moment and consider that science has got it wrong (even though it hasn’t) and this concept is a possibility.

What the actual Comment consists of is not known – largely due to the absence of detail available – and so it will inevitably disappoint.

Isn’t Science wonderful?

Vegans in Space

Those Vegans in space

they are so gravity free,

no animals there

to suffer cruelty.

Vegans in space

just floating around

considering their options

for reaching the ground.

Ode to an Astronaut (Apollo G)


Ode to an Astronaut

My ode to an astronaut
Was fraught with complications
And came to nought
I had a problem rhyming Houston,
As we are wont to do.

In the Shopping Mall (USA) In the Hardware Store (UK)


The Scene: One afternoon in town, a transaction is taking place…

Shopkeeper: So, you want 1 small step?
Neil: For Man!’
Shopkeeper: 1 small step for ‘Man.’
Neil: Yes.
Shopkeeper: …and how many ‘Giant Leaps’ was it?
Neil: Just the one.
Shopkeeper: Also for ‘Man?’
Neil: No; for ‘Mankind.’
Shopkeeper: ‘Mankind!’ Are you sure 1 is going to be enough?
Neil: It will be plenty.
Shopkeeper: Actually, we’ve got an offer on; buy one get one half price!
Neil: Mmm; tempting…

Editor: Well, it could have happened.