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Poetry Soup

Stir it up a bit,

see what seasoning it needs,

add some of this,

and a pinch of that,

bring it to the simmer,

not the boil,

watch (and listen) carefully.

When you guess

that it might be ready…

dish it up,

and serve with crusty bread rolls,

and short straws.

Await the compliments

that will inevitably


to come your way.

Check recipe.

Mark out of 10.


Replace recipe in the safe,

and throw away the key.

In the future,

stick to Limericks.

Cock-a-Leekie Hoop

She was over the moon,

when she opened up a can of worms;

and instead of finding that the contents

were not wriggly things dead;

she had opened up

a can of Cock-a-Leekie Hoop.

Tom & Basil

Tom & Basil

Tom and basil lived alone

in a converted chicken coop;

one day I went and asked them,

‘is your surname soup?’

Souper Beings (Omato Soup?)



Silent souls seeking


sans slurping sans sound.