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“It’s New Year’s Eve, Babe.”

“It’s New Year’s Eve, Babe.

It’s New Year’s Eve,

and time to leave,

to make way

for another one.

What did I achieve?

Well, that depends

on who you are,

and where you are.

There must have been some good,

in some neighbourhood,

to balance out the bad;

but, let’s face the facts,

in scenes, or acts,

there are always

the winners

and the losers.

Remember this,

beggars can’t be choosers,

and the poor

get poorer,

as the rich

eat all the pies.

Parting. Sweet. Sorrow.

Parting. Sweet. Sorrow.

On this day

my Nan was born

and my Dad did die;

it’s a strange day

if you look at it

in a certain sort of way.

Looking back,

Is often a sorrowful thing,

when family so familiar

became part of an ongoing unknowing,

joining the ranks of the many,

departing the lives of the few.

I stop and think about them

and how they were – those that I knew.

In the last week

I have been reminded

of an Aunt who was born,

a grandmother too;

and the endings of my dad, and his dad – who I barely knew.

In this modern day

of misuse and mishap,

I give my sad thanks to the reminders of an app.