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Sometimes, I write songs

A tune was running around my head

the other say,

until it fell down

and died.

I buried it under a pile of rotting leaves,

where it biodegraded,


and was heard of

no more.

It had been a pretty tune,

that lived a simple life,

which was over

all too soon.

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

I don’t want to be the rapper,

that you have to take the wrapper off;

don’t want to be coughed and sneezed at,

by the dude that only has

a wheeze and a cough;

I wanna be Singing

reading my Poetry;

Songs ‘And’ Poetry –

that’s SAPUC!

So, don’t you undermine me

with your rhymes of mediocrity,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!

I will undermine you,

with my sentimental songs

and my Poetry TNT,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!