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Three Questions Haiku 1

Who let the dogs out?

Is this the way to San Jose?

Are friends electric?

Street Parties – after the event

Dancing in the Street Party

Where the Street Parties Have no name

Street Party Fighting Man

On the Street Party where you live

The 59th Street Party Bridge Song

Street Parties of London

Street Parties of Philadelphia

Baker Street Party

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street Party?

(You’ve got to) fight (for the right to Street Party)

Sometimes, I write songs

A tune was running around my head

the other say,

until it fell down

and died.

I buried it under a pile of rotting leaves,

where it biodegraded,


and was heard of

no more.

It had been a pretty tune,

that lived a simple life,

which was over

all too soon.

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

I don’t want to be the rapper,

that you have to take the wrapper off;

don’t want to be coughed and sneezed at,

by the dude that only has

a wheeze and a cough;

I wanna be Singing

reading my Poetry;

Songs ‘And’ Poetry –

that’s SAPUC!

So, don’t you undermine me

with your rhymes of mediocrity,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!

I will undermine you,

with my sentimental songs

and my Poetry TNT,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!