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“Hey… Stack!”

“Hey… stack

don’t build it high

or it will topple

and make a me-e-e-ess;

build it

as high as it is wide

then it will stay up

and not fall over

over over over over!!

*Many ‘La la las’ may follow here.

A finite amount of something


in the way

she moves


Why do verbs suddenly appear?

Why do verbs suddenly appear

every time you are near?

Is it something you are doing?

Oh, my darling, Clementine.

Oh, my darling,

oh, my darling,

oh, my darling, Clementine,

they say our love’s immoral,

but, I believe that it’s fine;

when you wrap your segments tight around me,

the feeling, is divine.

Was Donald Pleasance a Vegan? – a song.

Donald Pleasence

won’t eat pheasants

now he’s dead;

and, when alive, he was a Vegan,

so he ate beans instead –

I may have made that up,

it’s the sort of thing I do,

I’m a writer, and a poet,

and a singer,

‘How d’you do?’

The Flying Scots Man

The Flying Scots Man flew away,

heading for old ‘Frisco Bay;

but, his mind was set on other things,

like ‘how to fly, when you have no wings!’.

Say ‘Ling!’

Say, ‘Ling!’




We are saying ‘Ling!’

across the water

then home again.


This is a song that I wrote, based upon my experiences, when I was travelling in Brazil on my ‘Mind the Gap’ year, it’s called ‘Eusébio’’

(use slow, sad chords)


I say, ‘Natural odour’.

Vegans in Space

Those Vegans in space

they are so gravity free,

no animals there

to suffer cruelty.

Vegans in space

just floating around

considering their options

for reaching the ground.

All those comedy shows from long ago on the radio… – a song.

(Aka ‘I still hear your voice’)

I still hear your voice

on the radio,

though you died, in reality,

a long time ago,