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Classic Song Lyrics – The Taximeter Car (c.1906)


Just now the taximeter car in London’s all the go
They’re flying all around the town and making quite a show
The driver with his uniform a big sensation’s made
The poor old cabby and the bus are fairly in the shade, so

Chorus:Oh, the car, the taximeter car
It’s better than taking a trip to Spain
Or having your honeymoon over again
If you’re out with your sweetheart, your mater or your pa
Do it in style
At eight pence a mile
In a taximeter car

You open the door and get inside and light a big cigar
And fancy you’re the owner of a slap-up motorcar
The man in front is driving while you lay back on your own
And if there’s a breakdown, you don’t have to push it home. So


For newly married couples it’s the best thing that is out
It fairly beats the hansom cab, without the slightest doubt
While driving to the station, to go on your honeymoon
The driver can’t look through the top, and watch you kiss and spoon, so


All together, ha, ha It’s a lovely Chorus: isn’t it?
It’s better than taking a trip to Spain
Or having your honeymoon… eight pence a mile eh,
They charge you about five shillings when you get there
Oh, Do it in style
At eight pence a mile
In a taximeter car.

Written and composed by Harry Heath & Will Hyde – 1906, Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)

NB I was listening to a radio production of the Psmith stories by P.G. Wodehouse and they took the ‘Taximeter Car’. Which became the ‘Taxi’. G:)


go to this link on YouTube if you would like to listen to the song.

Polly (6)

Polly was singing,

‘Polly, Wolly, Doodle-um…’

she sang it all day.



Sprout in his first book
(in his first book)
wrote about the…

Scared scarecrows

Did you know

that scarecrows

(scaredy cats)

are scared of crows.


Well, you do know now.


Repeat after me:


‘Scaredy cat


are scared of crows.


Scaredy cat


are scared of crows.


… and other scarecrows!’

Never turn your back on Middle Earth

‘’Never turn your back on Middle Earth’

he almost sang;

but I altered it a tad,

as I do,

because that is what I do.

I tweak, and adjust, just a little,

to make a new and,

possibly, improved version.

Who really knows?

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie went to an orgy,

and blushed the whole way home;

because Georgius Porgius was an Italian

that had never before been to Rome.

Talk to me

Talk to me, talk to me slowly

when you need my thoughts;

remind you me, once on a time

please prompt old me, but why?

How many tractors?

How many tractors

could you attract,

If you had a large magnet

and a bucketful of tact?


One tractor,

two tractors,

three tractors,


Do you think that you could

attract any more?

It’s that time again (or is it?)

It’s that time again

time to rhyme again

na na hey hey hey




NB if you know the song, it helps to get the rhythm – Bananarama – Na na hey hey.

Float like a bee, sing like a butterfly

I had to rescue the bee

from the bowl of water that he

had landed in for a drink;

at least he knew how to float –

or had forgotten how to sink.

He dried off and flew away,

a torrid tale to tell;

but at least his day was getting better –

it hadn’t been going well.


All this caused the singing butterflies

to entertain us with a chorus of ‘Que Sera Sera’,

and a verse of ‘Wannabee’

(in the key of B) were heard;

with accompanying harmonies

from every local bird –

except the crows;

who knows if they could have

added small delights

or sleepless nights –

I’m thinking probably the latter.


So, all in all,

it turned out okay,

with the beautiful singing,

and the rescued bee safely serenaded upon his way.