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PC Pasty

PC Pasty

“I’m PC Pasty, number 4, 1, 9;

if I’m on patrol, then you’d better toe-the-line;

If you pick up litter, we should get on fine;

I’m PC Patsy Pasty, number 4, 1, 9.”


Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack was a collector of nick-nacks- obviously.

He didn’t have a dog.

More than this I do not know.

Conjugating the verb ‘sailing’.

Conjugating the verb ‘sailing’.

Not Sailing – A Song

I am not sailing;

you are not sailing;

he is not sailing;

she is not sailing;

they are not sailing;

we are not sailing;

it is not sailing;

nobody is sailing…

in a boat –


‘Rabbit!’ “

Instantaneous Gratification – a song

Instantaneous Gratification – a song

“What do we want?”

“Instantaneous Gratification!”

“When do we want it?”

“Now, obviously!”

Song: People seem to want Instantaneous Gratification

So, let’s get to the chorus

without any future ado…


Instantaneous Gratification


Instantaneous Gratification


Instantaneous Gratification


The Weather – a song.

The Weather – a song.

Let me take a bow

to the rain

and how it falls upon me.

And how that I can get

absolutely soaking wet

which is never quite beyond me.

I was standing in the sun

it shone on everyone

but, especially, on me.

And then I saw the bow,

took a picture so I’d know

that the Sun had even been…

here, with me.

So, now I’m drying off

I sniffle and I cough,

a sneeze is soon forthcoming,

Because, I went out in the Sun

and came home in the rain,

that upon my head was drumming.

“There’s a Bear in My Pyjamas!” – a song.

“There’s a Bear in My Pyjamas!” – a song.

*Please sing this – i you only read it you will not get the full effect*

There’s a bear in my pyjamas,

don’t know what he’s doing there.

There’s a bear in my pyjamas

least he’s not entirely bare;

he is wearing my pyjamas

so there’s a modicum of decency there.

There’s a bear with…

bear with…

bear with…

a bear with out a care.

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

(Playing the music of Yesterday by The Beatles)


(Then music changes)

We saw a tractor

round the road;

the tractor had

a heavy load/…

We saw the same tractor

again today

and all he had was a bale of hay.

And where was he taking

that bale of hay?

I do not know

I cannot say;

perhaps to drop off in a field

to help increase the animals yield;

the sheep, the cows, the horses too;

though what a horse does yield

I do not know –

do you?