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Old man (in the street today)

I saw an old man

walking down the street today;

he was a little unsteady

on his feet today;

he was going round the road

to see a mate,

to have a chat

about this and that.


I saw an old man

walking down the street today;

he was a little unsteady

on his feet today,


Man Goes … (a song)

Vox: There are more songs about questions than there are songs about answers. For example: How deep is your love? Where is the love? Is this love? What’s love got to do with it? Why am I in love with a German Film Star (I once saw in a film)?

And the answers to those question songs: Baker Street; Our House; Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight); Sweet Home Alabama; and Wild Thing, or the like.

Anyway, here is a question song for you.


Man goes in a fruit shop …


… what does he do then?


Monday Comes – a song

Monday comes at no request

I tried to stop it

I did my best

I tried to keep the weekend going

for one more day;

but nothing I could do

nothing I could say

would keep that day at bay…

would keep that day away.

Can’t Elope

It has often been sung that…

‘You can’t elope with a cantaloupe,

especially if you’re making soup,’

But only by me.

The phone rings – #DialogueForAPlay

SFX the phone rings

SD DC Acey picks it up

DC Acey: Hello. (Listens) Okay, thanks.

PC Leaves: Who was it?

DC Acey: Control.

PC Leaves: What did they say?

DC Acey: They’ve found Dud.

PC Leaves: Yay!

DC Acey: That’s a little inappropriate.

PC Leaves: It is?

DC Acey: Yes, in the circumstances.

PC Leaves: But you said they said that they said that they had found Dud.

DC Acey: They have… but Dud’s Dead.

PC Leaves: Dud’s Dead?

DC Acey: That’s what they said.

PC Leaves: Dud, he’s dead.

DC Acey: That’s what I said

SD into the song ‘Dud, he’s Dead’.

Nothing means nothing (from a song that I am working upon).

Nothing means nothing to some people,

And some people mean nothing to me.


There’s a hole in my sock –

yes, there is.

I don’t know how it got there –

but, there it is.

I’ll hide it with a shoe

if it’s all the same to you –

there’s a whole,

lot of explaining,

unless I do.

Tether – a song

So, there I was

at the end of my tether

looking backwards

no more forwards

and not concerned about

the weather.


Now it may rain

or the Sun might shine,

the skies become the colour

of elderberry wine;

but, I don’t care

what is up there,

I’ve reached the end of the line …

the end of my tether.


And at the very end

I’ll turn to you, my friend,

as you watch me cry,

and I’ll say ‘Goodbye.’


“Big plonk,

Little plonk,

Cardboard box

Looks like a goose,

And smells like a fox.”



Clin Jinz

I put my Clin Jinz on for you;

wanted to be a smarty

for the people party;

where we will bop

until we drop

drink lashings of Soda Pop,

and hop


hop hop hop;

because, that’s what you do

at the hop – isn’t it?