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The Weather – a song.

The Weather – a song.

Let me take a bow

to the rain

and how it falls upon me.

And how that I can get

absolutely soaking wet

which is never quite beyond me.

I was standing in the sun

it shone on everyone

but, especially, on me.

And then I saw the bow,

took a picture so I’d know

that the Sun had even been…

here, with me.

So, now I’m drying off

I sniffle and I cough,

a sneeze is soon forthcoming,

Because, I went out in the Sun

and came home in the rain,

that upon my head was drumming.


“There’s a Bear in My Pyjamas!” – a song.

“There’s a Bear in My Pyjamas!” – a song.

*Please sing this – i you only read it you will not get the full effect*

There’s a bear in my pyjamas,

don’t know what he’s doing there.

There’s a bear in my pyjamas

least he’s not entirely bare;

he is wearing my pyjamas

so there’s a modicum of decency there.

There’s a bear with…

bear with…

bear with…

a bear with out a care.

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

(Playing the music of Yesterday by The Beatles)


(Then music changes)

We saw a tractor

round the road;

the tractor had

a heavy load/…

We saw the same tractor

again today

and all he had was a bale of hay.

And where was he taking

that bale of hay?

I do not know

I cannot say;

perhaps to drop off in a field

to help increase the animals yield;

the sheep, the cows, the horses too;

though what a horse does yield

I do not know –

do you?

Daddy was a Bank-Robber!

“Daddy was a Bank-Robber!”

Daddy was a Bank-Robber

Mother was a Jones-Robinson

That’s why my surname is so long

Ian Maxwell Aloysius Bank-Robber-Jones Robinson!

And, talking of my imaginary father – which we were –

he never hurt nobody!

Which, as you can see, is a double-negative, meaning that he never ‘didn’t’ hurt no (or ‘any’) body or maybe he did and hurting ‘nobody’ means he was a kind and thoughtful bank-robber.


At least he wasn’t as grammatically mixed up as I am!



I bought a ukulele

I really don’t know why

I have to play it daily

Though it makes the people cry

And even though I practice

I am not really any good

I may have to give it up

The people wish I would.

Although the tunes are cheery

The strumming winds them up

And songs about the prairie

Are not everybody’s cup

Of tea.

The Cathedrals Song

The Cathedrals Song


Winchester Cathedral


It’s getting me down


Hey! Gloucester Cathedral


get out of town


Canterbury Cathedral


Not the top of my list


No, that’s Doncaster Cathedral

G. Am.

Which doesn’t exist.

The Tree That Grows the Golden Apples – a Song.

The Tree That Grows the Golden Apples – a Song.

I’m a tree on an island

just watching the distant boats go by,

I’ve never spoken to them

they do not visit,

I don’t know why,

perhaps they are shy.

And I’m so lonely here on my own

Just me, my leaves, my branches

and the fruit that I’ve grown.

I’m the tree that grows the golden apples

and my branches are oh so full

Nobody knows

and nobody cares;

if they did all my branches would be bare

I’m the tree that grows the golden apples

on an island in the middle of the sea.