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Don’t try to outfox a Sloth in a Box.

You know that you want to,

but you know that you can’t;

because when it comes to Sloths

you automatically hear the Sloth chant:

‘We are going

very slowly,

we are really

taking our time;

we’re not going

anywhere fast…

… anytime soon –

we make things last.’

Which is not really a chant,

more a lifestyle.

Sloths with Scones

‘Jam on!

Jam on!

Jam on…

… first!’


Two Sloths;

one was loathe to preach

against the beliefs of each

of the two competitors;

but, ‘a Scone is a Scone

and a Scone is a Scone!’

as one will moan

until the other has gone.

The other sloth grabbed a cloth

and wiped its eyes,

‘There is no difference!’

It had been quick to surmise,

‘It is ‘not’ how you pronounce them,

or us,

that matters a jot,

nor whether it’s the jam

or the creams that clot that goes first

It’s just… words that you say,

and shout, and defend;

listen: when they,

and us, have all gone

will that be the end?’


It seems to me

that the Sloth / Sloth

and the Scone / Scone

will be less of an issue

when they are all gone.

A Sloth eating a Scone

A sloth

eating a scone

is not alone

when with another sloth,

as they are both


by the other.

In the land of the bland

In the land of the bland

the Three-Toed Sloth is banned;

and the Once-Eyed Poem

isn’t easy to understand.

The Siloth

The Siloth said,

“There is no ‘i’ in sloth,

and if you didn’t know that,

then there is hope for us both.”

and went back to sleep.

Lazy on a Sunday Morning

I am

If truth be told

still in bed.

The sloth in my head

is running at half speed,

and I don’t feel the need

to get up

or out

of this lazy bed…

“Well, it is Sunday!”

as a lazy man recently said.

I bumped into a sloth

Today, whilst out walking,

I bumped into a sloth;

we were both quite shocked,

our worlds were literally rocked;

well, not ‘literally’ obviously;

but, truth be told,

It was brave

and I was bold

as we both ambled away

from each other




Slow Theo the Sloth

Slow Theo the Sloth

Slow Theo was a sloth; but, not just any sloth, he was the slowest sloth that there had ever been. It took him a day or two to just open an eye when another sloth said ‘Hello, Slow Theo!’ by which time the other sloth had almost reached the other end of the branch that they had both been on.

Slow Theo hadn’t always been called Slow Theo, once he was just called Theo and nobody thought him any different from all the other sloths in their forest. But, even before his first birthday, Theo had gained a reputation as being a little bit tardy when it came to exercise or travel – it’s doubtful whether he will ever as the four corners of the wood, never mind the four corners of the ‘round’ world.