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The Cloud and the Sky

The cloud was set carefully

against the sky;

white upon blue,

with only the white passing by.

As colour combinations go,

it’s up there at the top,

and we like it just so.

The sky above me

The sky above me

is darkening quickly,

soon to become a star-filled panorama;

but, now, having almost lost the Sun’s glory,

the transformation has undertones and overtones

of tempests and calm.


Caught in a moment,

the sky above me

is, for a brief time,

all I wish to see.

Across the sky

The gulls fly

across the sky

which doesn’t seem to mind.

Above the sky, me

Look up I

See and I

clouds sky not in the

ask I why


and answer no

have I?

The sky directly above me

The sky directly above me

is not,

repeat, not,

raining down upon me.


It’s grey,



and not to be trusted;


but, at the moment,

It’s behaving itself.

The Daffodil

The daffodil looked at the sky above,

And said, ‘Beautiful sky,

I think I’m in love;

I know that you are larger than me,

but, let not size be a barrier

to our amouricity.’

The sky above me

The sky above me

looked down upon me

belittling my stature,

and questioning my joie de vivre.;

but I am a forgiving sort,

and thought,

that one ought

not to be bought

by a condescending sky.

I, am bigger than that.

The sky above me

The sky above me

Said she loved me –

I woke up screaming,

I must’ve been dreaming;

and, here it must be revealed –

I woke up in a field.

The sky above us

The sky above us,

doesn’t always love us;

or perhaps it doesn’t know

that we exist.

Today’s Sky

That is the sky,

and that is why

my fingers are frozen;

well, being January

rather than July

is also possibly

a reason why.