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Dec. 9th – Bird Song – #PoemADayForDecember

High upon the branch

of a leafless tree

perches a tiny song bird,

chirruping free;

calling out welcomes, or Winter warnings,

or just singing a tune;

he throstles and thristles, and whistles,

about the heat of the Sun,

or the light of the Moon;

who has poked her face

through a cloudy day;

and the song bird comments

upon this, and that,

and has lots to say.

High upon the branch

of a neighbouring tree,

perches another tiny song bird,

who listens, happily.

Sometimes, I write songs (too)

Sometimes, I write songs,

though they never right the wrongs;

it’s just a rite of passage

I have to go through.

“Have you seen the Muffin Man?”

“Have you seen the Muffin Man?”

Singing: Have you seen the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man;

Have you seen the Muffin Man-

Spoken: Yes, but I ate him.

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

Songs And Poetry – SAP!

I don’t want to be the rapper,

that you have to take the wrapper off;

don’t want to be coughed and sneezed at,

by the dude that only has

a wheeze and a cough;

I wanna be Singing

reading my Poetry;

Songs ‘And’ Poetry –

that’s SAPUC!

So, don’t you undermine me

with your rhymes of mediocrity,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!

I will undermine you,

with my sentimental songs

and my Poetry TNT,

I am a Sapper,

and I can SAP!

A new form of song.

A new form of song.

Well, you probably all know what ‘A cappella’ is – singing without music;

and, conversely, you must know by now, that music without singing is called ‘instrumental’; well, what I did was to take the bold step of combining the two, and having no music and… no singing… although, after a little thought about this I have now changed the idea to one of music ‘and’ singing – together, combined. I know, it’s a bit irrational, a bold choice in a brave new world; but research will show if people are open to this totally radical idea, and we shall see if, in time, it catches on.

Who knows? I may even have created a monster.