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Acrostic Haiku (another attempt at one)

Haikus just won’t fit;

Attempts have often been made,

It’s just not their fault;

Kettles boil dry, burning out,

Upsetting the status quo.


Now that didn’t work

Out the way it should have done –

Two too many lines.

Death on the Beach

It’s never easy to reach

a conclusion;

and even less easy

to reach a beach,

unless you are near one,

and can travel that way.


“Why the title?” you ask.


Well, gentle reader,

a poem must have a title,

or else untitled it is;

or titled ‘Untitled’

if you do desire,

written by a nun

or a non

in a choir.


“That’s just silly!”

commented the gentle reader,

his boots all aglow.

“What is all this nonsense?”


Aside: ‘The gentle reader must go!’


We met on a beach,

face to face,

toe to toe,

I offered the reader a lifeline,

it was tied to a speedboat just so.

Twice round the harbour,

once round the block,

when he returned,

I had a custard-filled sock.


“Whack!” went the sound effect.


“Ow!” the reply.


Now there was a death on the beach;

and, as to the title: that’s why.

Westward Ho! (Friday’s Rehashed Post)

Will: I’m off to Westward Ho! to see the stones.

Ben (SD – said with a veritable lack of enthusiasm): That sounds… exciting.

Will: It does? Good! Because I am excited by the thought.

Ben: I can’t quite see the attraction.

Will: Are you more of an Entomologist, Ben?

Ben: Beetles? I hardly think so.

Will: One or the other, Ben, one or the other.

Two Hundred Haikus @AkiraAnno @AnthonyHorowitz

Number One Haiku:

it needs no introduction,

and doesn’t get one.


Number Two Haiku:

not being the first born one

leaves quite a sour taste.


Number Three Haiku:

in the shadows of siblings

and left in that shade.


Number Four Haiku;

a mistake, sad, unwanted,

a loner by birth.


Number Five Haiku:

this one just doesn’t exist,

it’s an illusion.


Number Six Haiku;

as above for Number Five,

but even more so.


Number Seven Hai—

ku: which is where it goes wrong

as regards format,


and if you do want

Numbers Eight to Two Hundred…

you can write, can’t you?

Time for a rhyme

Have you got time

for a rhyme?


Okay, this will have to be



(“Call the Poetry Hearse

because trad poetry is dead!”)

I said

it would happen

and it did;

it has been found out,

wherever it had been hid.

Now there is nothing

but opening doors

that once were shut,

and gentle tides

on foreign shores;

all metaphors

and similar things

that no longer conform

to the old poetry laws.

Please comment upon these words

in syllables of no more than two thirds.

A break in the clouds

There was a moment…

That reminds me of Rozencrantz

and Guildenstern, courtesy of Tom,

when they looked back

and saw the possibility

of a different outcome.


Anyway – I am easily sidetracked –

the Sun came out,

and I had just set the fire to ‘Roar!’

What am I going to do with all this heat?

Soon the sweet sweat shall pour!

Still got stuff to do!

As time moves along

I realise

that I may not

have used my moments wisely:

where is the prophet in my poetry?

Are any of my poems any good?

Has it improved my grandma?

Do I spiel-check my worlds?

Have I a decent poem in me?

Why is a squirrel?


And other questions.


There, 3 minutes of my life gone that I won’t get back!

Dances With Buns

A bun dance

was held every Saturday night,

and alternate Tuesdays,

Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Mondays were reserved for Beginners, Advanced, and Advanced Beginners;

Thursday’s for Advanced, Beginners,

and Advanced Beginners.

Sunday, being a day of rest,

and the Holiest of the Weekend days,

was given over to resting, praying,

and a non-official dance-off between

Advanced Beginners, and newly advanced

Advancers, with some open-dance spots as well for everybody else.


‘All welcome!’ Hailed the banner.


And all were.


The Buns just loved to dance, and they had plenty of opportunities to do so.

The Pintail

Unusual (and untrue) fact about the Pintail:

the Pintail is distantly related to the Donkey.

Saturday Haikus #1 – #5

Saturday Haiku

no different at all from…

… any other one.


Saturday Haiku #2


It is the weekend!

And that begins Saturday

and ends – all too soon.


Saturday Haiku #3


So, what is the plan?

Get out of that lazy bed

and paint the town green!


Saturday Haiku #4


A walk with the dogs,

then hoovering the bedroom.,

then hoover the lounge.


*Hoover is the name of a Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company – I live in a Vacuum not a Hoover. Discuss.


Saturday Haiku #5


It’s Saturday, and…

it is like no other day –

Hurrah, Saturdays!