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The A to Z Prompts

The A to Zeds,

that were in my heads,

were all written

with little thought.

I ought to have seen

that they lacked for nought;

like the finest wine

from the vineyard bought(

or the rarest word

so fanatically sought;

but, they just wrote themselves

with the words from my brainial shelves,

so that what you got

was not a lot.



It’s not a word

that I have ever seen

spelt like that;

however, I can work out


it relates to.

And, I have heard,

that of the twelve signs,

we are all one or another one.

I’m a Stradivarius,

what are you?

Dirty Van

You can tell a lot

about a man,

from the thickness

of the mud

upon his van.

You ain’t seen nothing, yet…

You have not seen anything yet,

as I’m sure it is supposed to be;

and, therefore, you are either blind from birth,

or dramatically grammatically challenged.

Anyway, great song (of its time)

and from one of Canadia’s finest:

Bryan, Celine, Maple, etc.

Xylophones are for dummies!

Xylophones, the musical sort,

are purely for begonias.

I know, that makes little sense,

but, what does, these days?

Six seagulls in Morrisons car park

Six seagulls in Morrisons car park!

That’s six in number,

and not sexy gulls!


they were patiently waiting

for a bite to eat,

pacing nonchalantly

on their twelve gull feet;

calling to each other with the latest news;

and hoping for a morsel

to light the fuse.

My monosyllabic haiku

In seventeen short words,

I can say that my monosyllabic haiku

is not a thing that exists.

Would that I could—

Would that I could

write pure, unadulterated poetry;

but, it is beyond me.

Far, far, beyond;

over the hills

and far, far away;

and, also, not something

that I care to do.

But, I could…

if I wanted to,

but, I do not want

to float like a cloud,

compare thee to a bee,

or charge happily

into the valley of death,

That’s so old hat,

and I am not one for old hats,

and that’s the truth –

I have the attributes of youth—

okay, so I make stuff up,

that is my cup.

Where did you think that was going?

I write this, and I had no way of knowing.

Variously attributed to—

I would just like to mention,

that some of my words

have been used by other writers

and other poets

in ‘their’ works.


Would also just like to mention

them here.

My thanks must go to Alfred, Lord Tennyson

for my use of his word, ‘green’’;

to Anon for the word, ‘Gubbins’,

and to Dorothy L. Sayers

for ‘bloodline’ and ‘chivalric’.

In fact, there are only two words

in my writing

that I can lay claim to –

and one of those is ‘Badriomaku’.

Taught Us!

It has four legs,

and a shell for a home;;

likes eating lettuce,

loves to roam;

goes very slowly,

but always gets there;

once had a race,

with a runner-up hare.

That story taught us

a lesson in patience.