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Tom & Basil

Tom & Basil

Tom and basil lived alone

in a converted chicken coop;

one day I went and asked them,

‘is your surname soup?’


April The Tenth

April The Tenth

What is there to say,

about April the Tenth,

that hasn’t already been said

many times,

in many different ways?

It’s the first double-digit day of the month – said.

It’s the day before the eleventh – obvious – said.

And the day after the ninth – boring – said.

It’s the day of the year when it is okay to say, ‘Fina-bina-oople-woople-balalli!’ to a complete stranger at a bus-stop without fear of incarceration – random – said.

So, what is there about April the Tenth that makes it stand out from the crowd of days?


Dorothy The Seventh

Dorothy The Seventh

They said it was the seventh,

they said it with authority;

I questioned how they knew this,

they said they’d been told by Dorothy.

I asked if they were friends of Dorothy,

they answered that they were;

I asked if they’d been Oztracised?

They looked at me with weary eyes,

and left me on the bench;

I wasn’t asked back there again

upon the eighth,

the ninth,

nor even the tenth,

and drank alone

my thirst to quench.

Conjugating the verb ‘sailing’.

Conjugating the verb ‘sailing’.

Not Sailing – A Song

I am not sailing;

you are not sailing;

he is not sailing;

she is not sailing;

they are not sailing;

we are not sailing;

it is not sailing;

nobody is sailing…

in a boat –


‘Rabbit!’ “

My Pen Sieve Look

My Pen Sieve Look


pen sieve


is thoughtful,



Smaller things will fall through the gaps,


but, all my pens

will be restrained.

A-Z Story

A-Z Story

A Banana called Dylan entered Frisby Grange. He instantaneously jettisoned Kyle, Lord Munchelberry.

Next, openly played, Quidditch resumed sporadically, teams uttering voraciously: We Xylophonic Zebras!

Nothing of Substance Here.

Nothing of Substance Here.

There was a hint of mint

in my a la fresco lint –

though why I’d never noticed this before

was a thing of which I am unsure –

and so I thought for a while,

and began to smile…

if you squint at the sun,

not looking at it directly

but, off to one side,

as a monk might have done;

then a tint or two of colour

might come to you

as being of worth to the mind.

Or you might find nothing of the sort;

but, if that is the case,

assistance should be sought.