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“Oh, what a night!”

“Oh, what a night!”

There’s, a, seagull on me head,

and a pasty in me bed,

and I can’t remember what I did,

or said, last night –

and nothing seems to be, quite right.

There’s an anchor on the wall,

and a lobster in the hall,

and I can’t remember where I was,

or who with, last night –

and nothing seems to be, quite right.

I’ve a lifeboat in me drive,

and me oilskins number five,

and I can’t remember how I got them;

it must have been a night, last night –

and nothing seems to be, quite right.

The boat upon my lawn,

seems lonely and forlorn,

and I can’t remember if it’s mine,

it seems to have a Falmouth number

It must have been such a night, last night –

and nothing seems to be,

in any way,

quite right.


A New Bulb, Yesterday – a song

A New Bulb, Yesterday – a song

(Chords to be sorted in a future life, for now just use Am/F followed by C/D/G)

You put a new bulb in yesterday;

it was a coloured bulb, not white;;

and now I really have to say,

that things have changed, been rearranged,

and things just don’t seem right –

why did you do that?

I never thought you would,

never thought you might…

You put a new bulb in yesterday,

it was a coloured bulb, not white;

and now, I see you,

in a different light.

Isabella – a song.

Isabella – a song.


1st verse




necessary on a bike.

2nd verse

Not necessara

Not necessara

Not necessarily;

you can have a parpy horn,

if you like

NB the song could stop after the first verse, or the second verse could be distanced by some time from the first, or it could be sung all in one go. Choices!

My Poetry – in a Nutshell

My Poetry – in a Nutshell

My popular performance poems

tend to be short

and sweet

and leave the audience wanting less.

My popular written poems

are like twins

in this regard –

much the same.

A Poetical Treatise Upon …

A Poetical Treatise Upon…

… not writing a poetical treatise upon anything…

… as it seems a pointless thing to do.

And, anyway, the thought of a long, boring, and pointless treatise (for that is what I would write – believe me in this) is not doing anybody any favours.

You wouldn’t thank me for writing it, and I would totally appreciate why you didn’t read it.

So, in its place…

a haiku.

short, sweet, to the point,

what could possibly go wrong

writing a haiku?


Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday! @ghfeelgoodfood

Now I saw on o Facebook post a while back, that it was Waffle Wednesday at the Green House. Yay! I thought. Then the poet in me went, ‘Oi! That’s not alliterative enough! ‘Waffle Wednesday is fine, but, then you have ‘Green House?!’ I mean, come on!

What you need is proper alliteration.

Waffle Wednesday at Wendy Wu-Wu’s Wicked Wafflearium!’ Now that’s what I call alliteration.

Helen and the gang are currently considering my idea – and I hold great hopes for it.

The Robbery

The Robbery

The Bank Vole was planning a robbery…

which is not as surprising as it sounds.

As a young vole, he had been into athletics and almost made the England Minimalympic team in the Vole Vault, only missing out by a height of 2cms in the final qualifying round.

Anyway, he had decided to break into the vault at the local bank, due to coming upon hard times and suffering from a down-turn in the stocks and shares that he had accumulated in Associated Similes, Metaphors, and the Like.