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In Hannafore

In Hannafore

I’m in Hannafore.

“What for?” you ask.

To practice my semaphore,

whilst wearing my new pinafore,

that I’ve never worn before,

at least, not before dawn before.

Then I’m off to Looe.

“What there to do?” you ask.

To do what a man just has to do;

he has to see a sea-going gull, or two,

or maybe a couple of thousand –

there are countless, to be sure;

and I’m sure I counted seventeen,

and there were many, many more.

Later, I went back to Hannafore,

to practice my semaphore,

whilst still wearing my new pinafore,

as I had so recently done before.

Out from the pyramid

Out from the pyramid

Out from the pyramid

the mummy came;

with her curse, her crozier,

her unpronounceable name:

Queen Nefertarititiakhenatenamunra…

the Third,

who wished she’d been called Susan,


or Thora…


Who originally put the poem-poem on the woolly hat?

Who originally put the poem-poem on the woolly hat?


Was it you?


Although you’re a star,

you are too young by far!

It was someone

a long time ago.

Perhaps, it was done as a joke,

by a lady, or a bloke?

Who knows?

I don’t.

Do you?

Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box

In a box

lived a fox

who spent his days

in fixing clocks;

adjusting ticks

and cleaning tocks,

and with his wages

he bought new socks.

“It’s not a poem!” you say.

“It’s not a poem!” you say.

“It’s not a poem!” you say.

“And who are you to say

that what I say

is not a poem?” I say.

You reply, “ I say, I say, I say…”

“What do you say you say you say?”

“I say, that it’s not a poem because it only has one rhyme, repeated lots – that’s what I say!”

I said nothing; he’d had his say,

I just wished he’d go away.

Acrostic Haiku

Acrostic Haiku

Haikus do not work,

Acrostically speaking,

In terms of their length.

“A seagull knocked upon my door the other day.”

“A seagull knocked upon my door the other day.”

A seagull knocked upon my door the other day,

“How did he do that?”

I hear you say,

“With his beak.” I reply, “He had no other way – not having knuckles.”

At this, the seagull chuckles;

I didn’t say,

that he went away.