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I met a man from Towcester

I met a man from Towcester

I met a man from Towcester

he was putting up a poster

he nailed it to the corner of a tree;

the poster read, ‘I’ve banged me head,

does anyone be recognising me?’

And the poster bore a picture,

of a four-slice toaster,

and a cardboard cut-out,

life-size replica of me.



I tried to learn to play

the Nihonium

the other day,

with a small element of success.

Born on the Forth of Firth

Born on the Forth of Firth

I was born on the sixteenth day of the Forth of Firth,

and am destined to die

upon the very same day

(how very Shakespearean of me).

A boy named James

A boy named James

A boy named ‘James’

went up in flames

for no apparent reason;

they wondered why,

and one did cry,

“It must just be the season.”

Then a girl,

gave a Viennese Whirl,

to an unsuspecting lad;

he ate it in one, and said, “Such fun!”

but, turned from good, to bad;

he took a boot to a Mandrake root

never a thing to do;

he fell down dead,

and the neighbours said

that they couldn’t give a hoot

to the silence of an owl

who has too much wit to woo.

By a sad twist of fate…

By a sad twist of fate…

By a sad twist of fate, when Sea Mud was Christened, his chosen name of ‘Seamus’ was poorly written, by the slightly sober priest, as one ‘Sea Mud, son of Kat Twine and Bran Bin O’Really. Generations of O’Reallys, O’Cow Bells, Mac Hines, and the like, had passed through St. Praticks on their way to lives filled with strange looks at bank counters, questioning glances at border crossings, and numerous persnickety questions at a number of official premises – all of which were later followed by the gaiety of Gaelic laughter in local alehouses – at Sea Mud’s, and the others, expense.

The wishes of fishes

The wishes of fishes

The wishes of fishes

rarely receive consideration;

they are rarely considered at all;

when they seek a vacation,

from their ocean location,

who is it, then, that they call?

Mustn’t grumble

Mustn’t grumble

Mustn’t grumble

about apple crumble,

or Albus Dumble-


Mustn’t worry

about karma curry,

or the length of your corri-


Mustn’t fret

about your 14.5 tog duvet,

or when to visit Durdle-