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“Strictly no poetry in this area – thank you”

There is an area over ‘there!’

if you really have to recite poetry,

or you could just refrain,

apply a poetry patch,

try and give it up,

read a book,

chew on some gum,

make your mind go numb.


You might find

someone of a like mind,

over ‘there!’

So, please honour the signs,

and decline the proffering of rhymes.


Or we shall be operating

a ‘No Poet’ system

in your vicinity.

Prix Fixe (a daily poem from signs or notices 2)


Today’s poem from a sign or a notice is ‘Prix Fixe’ from Little Clarendon Street, Oxford.

Prix Fixe

“A cup of tea
At 10’/6?”
There’s been some price-fixing going on!
“In this style!” I ask.
They look at me
With something of a curious espression;
And curiouser still…
“I’m latte, I’m latte!”
Because of this poetic digression.