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Saturday Morning’s Alright For Writing.

Saturday Morning,

like every other morning,

is a good time for writing;

and, seeing as how

it is Saturday Morning now,

(well, it was when I wrote this)

I shall write these words,

and maybe more,

upon high ground,

as it is quite dangerous

writing upon the shore,

due to the rain and the wind,

that is there,

and the possibility

of opening Death’s door

and walking through;

for, if the tide should rise above my head,

I would have to stop writing,

and start being dead.

An Expectation of Seagulls

The seagulls clamoured for more;

the sand upon dry land

was upon the shore,

to be sure;

but soon the tide would turn,

and return;

and, upon its return,

the sand would sink below the sea,

and seagulls, once again,

would yearn

for fish

for their tea.