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Unicorn Shoes

I saw a Unicorn shoe, today,

along with another matching one,

a fine pair!

With Unicorn tails

and unicorn horns,

they were spotted in Looe,

Fore Street, to be precise,

Yes, I saw a pair of Unicorn Shoes, today –

they were magical,

and extremely nice.

A Tale of Jack Hughes


Jack Hughes queues
In shoe-shops;
He looses shoes.

He gets the blues
He never knows
Which shoes to choose.

He accrues shoes;
He doesn’t always loose both shoes
They are also his muse;
He was on The News
About his shoes
(Of different hues)
Upon which he wrote haikus
One of which was:

‘I do love my shoes;
Be they in ones, or in twos;
Yellows, reds or blues.’


Well, a man ‘has’ to pay his dues.