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The Chipping Norton Shipping Forecast!


The Chipping Norton
Shipping Forecast

Rainstorms brewing
All norms out of syncopation
Wind and gales arriving
Across land and through the air
Thunder claps likely
And perhaps a hurricano or two
Chances of snow; though, this, is improbable
And if you know what’s best for you;
Probably you should lay low
And keep indoors
Upon all fours
And maybe you could try to see out
The hullabaloo that is likely to occur
But, it’s doubtful,
We concur,
If it will occur

Charlotte Green’s Voice

My hands are sweating, my throat is dry,

There’s a quickened breathing, then a softened sigh,

I’m in love, and in this matter I have no choice,

I have been smitten by… Charlotte Green’s Voice


Beside the radio, from dusk till dawn

I listen avidly; all forlorn

If She’s not there.

I list again from dawn till dusk

To hear Her voice becomes a must.

Shipping forecast! “Dogger, Bite!”

Oh, what might, happen, oh, what might!  (Shakespeare, The Tempest)

The silky tone, the fluent word;

Her voice, in my head, must be heard.

I check the website for Her name,

I need to hear Her, which is my shame,

I’m fixated by Her speaking;

In Radio Times, I am now seeking:

Where can She be? Where is the One;

Who will set my heart free, or leave my soul undone?


And now I hear that She is to go

This was spoken on ‘Her’ radio

And soon no more shall She be heard

Her voice in my head, Her every word

Entering and possessing me will pass and fade

And, I must admit I am dismayed

For She has helped me through the night

With Her silken pronouncements and links so bright

I do not know what I shall do

When She speaks no more to me, – or you.