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Little black sheep

I’m the little black sheep

of he family,

all the other sheep,

are white, you see;

and when it rains, it rains on me,

much more than them –

as far as I can see.

White on green

White on green

under blue with white and grey.


A gull flies right to left

with plenty to say,

and, when it’s gone,

I feel bereft.

Black clouds on the horizon

Black clouds on the horizon,

smaller white clouds in the fields;

where are the shepherds that will wash their flocks,

watch their socks,

watch and wash their flocks and socks,

go sailing by

on Christmas Eve

in the morning?

A quiet Sunday morning walk

A quiet Sunday morning walk,

with just the sound of flittering birds,

as the dogs and I traverse the country lanes.

Further on, the cry of new-born lambs

from a field, a distance away,

that is dotted with many off-white clouds of fleece.

Other fields have grazing cows,

quieter in their ruminations,

while yet others are carpeted with growing crops of an unknown type.

Two horses freely digest their findings,

conversing sparingly with their neighbours, another herd of grazing cows.

I tip my hat to the morning,

and offer thanks

The magpie and the sheep

M: I can count on ewe, can’t I?

S: Ewe can.

M: Good: one…

S: ‘One’ what?

M: I was counting on ewe.

S: And ewe counted up to one?

M: Yes. To get to sleep.

S: Are ewe asleep yet?

M: I don’t think so.

S: Ewe could be dreaming this.

M: I could?

S: Are ewe up a tree?

M: I am.

S: We’ll I am probably not, so ewe are most likely dreaming.

M: I must have dropped off.

S: Well, take care if you do, it’s a long way to the ground.

M: Okay, thanks!

S: Ewe are welcome… and, by the way… you snore.

Sheep that go ‘beep!’ in the night

When counting sheep,

whilst attempting sleep,

do any go ‘beep!’?


And, if instead, you imagine cows,

do any sing arias, juggle,

take bows?


Horses, I find,

can leap-frog your mind,

and you have no choice to choose,

when all you want is a snooze.


And if you imagine these things,

leap-frogging horses,

juggling cows, beeping sheep,

then I’m not at all surprised

that you can’t get to sleep.

Knitted Sheep

Knitted sheep in the midday shade

drinking long, tall glasses of cool lemonade

and ice cold tea,

watching the passers-by

passing by…

by and by.

Looking over a 5-bar gate

I’m looking over

a 5-bar gate

that I’ve looked over before.

And, although the scenery

has changed but a little,

I am an older man

than I used to be;

yet, not as old as I shall,

one day at a time,be.

By the way,

I see sheep

chewing the grass,

clouds scudding by,

and birds

quartering the sky.

And many other things,

which is why

I am looking over

this 5-bar gate.


I was counting on the sheep

to get me to sleep;

but, they bleated about

like a rain shower in a drought;

and then the roof leaked.


To say my curiosity was piqued

was to speak about me

and my inquisitive self;

and it’s best not to do that;

leave nosing on the shelf

and pretend not to see.


Whether I am or not

is a moot point –

as some moot pointed out to me

the other day,

or maybe a century ago –

it was one or the other,

I uncertainly certainly do not know.

Upon the theme of ‘Shop, Shoop, Sheep, and Sheeps’

It is time for change.

One sheep, should (IMHO), be called a ‘Shoop’ and a baby ‘Shoop’ should be called a ‘Shop’.

I know that, to save confusion, we would then probably have to rename the old ‘sell-stuff, buy stuff’ “shop” places to something else – perhaps they could be called ‘Buy-Places’ – and then we would be sorted out for the duration.

Sheep could relate to sheep numbering 2 to 20, and ‘Sheeps to 21 Sheep and above (‘To Ovinity, and beyond!’ you might say).