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Wise Words?

Wise Words?

I was driving along

in my auto-mobile

when I did see

sheep on a hill.

And when I come back

in my auto-mobile,

having been to town,

if they haven’t gone

they will be there still.


The Sheep Who Swear

The sheep who swear

Sheep talk

when they walk

when they stand still

when upon the side of a hill

When in a field

and they yield

some colourful language.


We have to bleep

the sheep

who keep

doing this

as it upsets the tourists.

We tried to clean their dirty mouths

and curb their cursing ways…

but, when we hired a sheep whisperer

he failed to stop their swearing

and he cost us a lot of pence

in a sense

we were fleeced.

Ode to the Letter Ewe

Wish Ewe Were Here!

Wish Ewe Were Here!

Ode to the Letter Ewe

I owe you, Ewe
For all the sheepish looks;
For being able to count on Ewe;
And for Ewe not pulling the wool over my eyes.
I should make this a Ewelogy to Ewe
And not lambast Ewe
As I ram wont to do.
But, I won’t mint sauce my words
I shall put my poetry helmutt on
And opine upon the ovine in Ewe!

So, I say to you, Ewe,
“Your words have helped me rhyme
Time upon time
Ewe have flocked to my aid
When I needed a sheep pen
To write with
And an inkwell to sheep dip
That pen into.
I owe Ewe.

Thank Ewe.