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A Serious Poem? Revisited

I tried to write

a serious poem


I did!

Never again!

I felt myself to be a proper Charlie,

a dunce.

I couldn’t get the words to rhyme,

and scan,

and the metre was wrong

(perhaps I wasn’t writing in Metric,

I’m an Imperial man);

and, worst of all,

(which is why I’ve written this all forlorn);

it was



that it made me yawn.

I’ll make it plain,

I won’t make that mistake again;

best to keep it funny –

on with the punny!

My serious head (I put it on, today).

I put on my serious head, today;

I let it out to play,

but, it didn’t want to play

it just wanted to say ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!

Which was okay for five or six minutes;

then it gave my head an ache,

and, so, I had to take it off,

and put it away.

I’ve put my silly head back in place

we get on so much better,

and it has a kinder face.

“Ain’t no easy way to write a Haiku!”

“Ain’t no easy way to write a Haiku!”

Seventeen words

In three syllables

how hard is that?

Ah! Not that easy

Perhaps I need to practice

or I’ll get it wrong.

Seventeen Syllables?

I made a Rookie error

In my adding up.

Okay, you may laugh!

Not trying to be funny,

just writing Haiku.

What? About ‘Nature’?

The Haiku speaks of ‘Nature’?

Birds, trees, lakes and stuff?

So all mine are wrong?

They are more like ‘Sen-r-yu?

Like ‘bad’ Sen-r-yu?

Well here goes nothing:

The Sun rises in the East

and we give our praise.

Better? Well, thank you.

If only I could practice?

I’ll think about it.