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I used to be woke

I used to be woke…

in the mornings, by my Mum;

until I left home.

Taran ha Lughes (Thunder and Lightning)

Faces like Thunder,

and Lightning in their voices;

Taran ha Lughes.

Recycle Poets

Recycle Poets:

pop them in recycling bins,

with the waste paper.

Rabbit on a boat Haiku

If you say ‘rabbit!’

when you are upon a boat-

dogs go overboard!

Tanka Tuesday using a Senryu

The Robin told me

that I had made an error,

‘Upside-down feeder!’

I looked at the bird feeder,

and saw that Robin was right.

Thursday Haikus (or Senryus)

It’s this one or that,

I think one must be happy,

or be serious.


One about Nature,

the other about laughter

in the first instance.


Clouds hover above,

as wise men reach the manger,

not a day too soon.


In life one must be,

or attempt an existence,

before the end comes.

No, seriously / a few good Monday Haikus / will do the bizness

A Monday Haiku

Just what ev’rybody needs,

while the day does last.


Other things also

might be useful for living:

air, water, coffee.


If you are counting,

you might realise something

that others might not.


Haikus take less time

than writing fancy sonnets,

like Will Shakespeare did.

Pusillanimous Senryu (like a Haiku, but funny – allegedly)

Someone said to me,

‘You’re so pusillanimous.’

so, I ran away.

When a Haiku cries – revisited.

‘When a Haiku cries’

When a Haiku cries
the world is a sadder place –
as all poets know.

My Haiku are mainly Senryu, and I don’t stick rigidly to the Japanese form, so perhaps they have become a variation on a theme.

A variation
upon the theme of poetry
sticking to the rules.

Procrastination Haiku (W.I.P.)

I was going to

write a haiku about Pro—