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Saturday Haiku/Tanka/Senryu Combo.

I have to write them,

Haikus, that is, and yet, no,

I shall not do that!

But, who has power,

who can honestly say, no,

when a Haiku calls?

I know I cannot,

I have to write the three lines,

because, I have to.

Not that I am weak,

but, every week day is

a Haiku day, no?

Go on, try it out;

seventeen syllables, then…

create your Haiku –

or add a couple of lines

and it becomes a Tanka.

Or make it funny,

and, by definition, you,

have a Senryu.

Not Another Blooming, Boring Haiku!

Not Another Blooming, Boring Haiku!

Haiku should be fun;

with some punctuation, too –

and named sen-ry-u.

“Ain’t no easy way to write a Haiku!”

“Ain’t no easy way to write a Haiku!”

Seventeen words

In three syllables

how hard is that?

Ah! Not that easy

Perhaps I need to practice

or I’ll get it wrong.

Seventeen Syllables?

I made a Rookie error

In my adding up.

Okay, you may laugh!

Not trying to be funny,

just writing Haiku.

What? About ‘Nature’?

The Haiku speaks of ‘Nature’?

Birds, trees, lakes and stuff?

So all mine are wrong?

They are more like ‘Sen-r-yu?

Like ‘bad’ Sen-r-yu?

Well here goes nothing:

The Sun rises in the East

and we give our praise.

Better? Well, thank you.

If only I could practice?

I’ll think about it.

I am a Poetry Type.

I am a Poetry Type.

Haiku for Nature;

a Tanka for love poems;

Senryu, funny.

Limericks, also funny;

Sonnets are for love poems;

Pantoums and Villanelles weird.