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So, what’s another poem to you?

I don’t do ‘real’,



It’s not for me –

it might not be be for you.

Anyway, I just say

what comes to mind,

and find that




poetry voice.

It’s your choice

as to whether you read it,

heed it,

feed it to the hungry poetry fishes,

whose wishes are

to consume words dangling

upon the lines that I lower their way,

or cast adrift

in their general direction –

a selection of which

are just like those written above;

or would you rather I wrote

a sonnet of love?

Poets are Dicks

Poets are Dicks

Poets are Dicks…

… and poems are written by Dicks…

… Harriet’s, Marys, or Toms;

some poets are hairy,

and, in their poems, rhyme ‘bombs’

with ‘proms’;

in order to shock;

some swear a lot,

and use the word ‘cock…

… a-doodle-do’,

I don’t,

because I’m not a Dick,

are you?