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Spring Double Acrostic

Saison of melodious fruitinessS,

Printemps, springs unbidden, to keeP

Recovering the furniture of NaturalisatioN;

Northern climbs descend towards an equation,

Gathering momentum, until Autumn’s dawninG.

And where was I in all this?

“I am the last leaf on the tree.”

“I am the last leaf on the tree”

The last leaf on the tree,

that’s me;

the others left home,

forgot about me;

never write, never call –

once the tree was family,

once the tree was all.

I am the


leaf on the tree.

The Silly Season is upon us.

The Silly Season is upon us.

a Liskeard Writers Group 10-Minute Exercise – Prompt 2: Fallacy.

We renamed the seasons – they had been called the same names for so long; Spring became ‘Bounty’, Summer became ‘Heat’, Winter was renamed ‘Cold’, and Autumn became ‘Time of the dropping leaves from the trees when the Earth sighs with relief at the time of Harvest. The Americans decided that this was Fallacy.

We decided to rename America as The Land of the Giants, they renamed Britain as Limeland.

Everybody else looked on from the sidelines as the silly-season began.

We thought about that and made up a fifth season – Silly.

Well, you would – wouldn’t you?


Vivaldi the XVIIth re-imagined his great, great, great, great x 4’s grandfather’s classical interpretation of the four seasons, adding in the fifth fo comical effect.

SFX: Daaaaaa-diddlie-op-de-de


and on it went.


Further to this…

the classic Italian pizza, the Quattro Formaggio, now included Cheesecake as the fifth section – there was a reaction of disbelief at first, but it was surprisingly popular, astonishing the world with it’s combination of flavours.

So, at least some good had come out of the Silly Season.

Poem 21 (Spring Turning To Summer) 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 21 – 20:00 16-05-2017
At Eight o’Clock in the evening

In England’s green and sunny land

As mid-Spring

Boings towards early Summer,

We are full of the joy that beholds the changing seasons,

When reasons are few;

Apart from the growing warmth and the morning dew

Along with lengthening days

And short-changed nights

We have more quality time

For the family 

And sundry sights to see.
Looking back from December’s cold and darkened altitude

We shall remember with fondness

The lengthened days

And the joyousness of our time

When Spring sprang into Summer

And Summer seemed to rhyme.