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Where did all the seagulls go?

When I took the picture

I left plenty of room

for the poem

that would accompany it.

When I took the other picture

I left plenty of room

for the seagull

that would inhabit it.

I didn’t take any more pictures,

as I’d left plenty of room

for improvement.

Six seagulls in Morrisons car park

Six seagulls in Morrisons car park!

That’s six in number,

and not sexy gulls!


they were patiently waiting

for a bite to eat,

pacing nonchalantly

on their twelve gull feet;

calling to each other with the latest news;

and hoping for a morsel

to light the fuse.

Seagulls – the look

It’s not how you look at seagulls,

It’s how they look at you

that matters.

They eye you up and down

as you walk past

in their quaint old seaside town.

They quantify and justify

the food that you may hold;

and then they make their strike plan –

would that we should be so bold.

They carry out attacks

to gain their food of choice,

we stand there stunned,

bereft of lunch,

and then we hear their voice:

“Pob-a-Bob!” or “Bob-Pob!”

or some such likened yell;

a laugh they have that mocks us,

but, at least we have a tale to tell.

Never share your lunch with a seagull,

Never share your lunch with a seagull

never even offer him a bite;

never share your lunch with a seagull,

because you know he just might…


take more than his fair share,

he might just take the lot;

and when you look at what he’s left you

you might not have a jot.


I’m the seagull poster,

posting seagulls moster,

website seagull hoster

I’m a conversationstarter,

twisted conversationstarter

seagull conversationstarter!!

The silent seagulls soaring skywards

“ ‘The silent seagulls soaring skywards—‘ “

“Ooh! sounds like a poem!”

“Could be.”

“What’s the next bit?”

“The next ‘bit’ is,

‘aloft, upon the breeze, breathless blown—‘ “

“No, it’s a bit too frilly for my liking. Can’t you make it into a Limerick? That would be better.”

“I could, but it would lose any noble quality that it has.”

“That’s as maybe, but it’ll be a lot funnier.”

“Oh, dear. ‘There was a young seagull from Looe,

Who got caught in a ‘How-do-you-do?’,

It welcomed all sorts,

to one of Cornwall’s fishing ports,

and only stopped when the season was through.’ “

“Needs work.”

“Thank you Mr. Poetry Critic.”

“You’re whelks!”

“I suppose I am.”

‘This way or that way’

This way,

or that way?

That way,

or this?

I never can tell.

And, sometimes, I miss

a chip being dropped,

a pasty passing by,

or an old man with an ice cream.

I sigh.

This way,

or that way?

That way,

or this?

“Plant your Seagulls early!”

“Plant your seagulls early,

and plant them in a row;

then they’ll be ready for Spring Harvest!”

said nobody I know.

When the Seagulls stole my washboard.

When the seagulls stole my washboard

I just couldn’t play my tune;

I heard them laugh

as they flew away

by the light of the silvery moon.

The gulls did gimbal and gyre

The gulls did gimbal and gyre,

ever higher and higher;

with sky-flight’s desire

beating strong in their hearts.