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Distracted By Seagulls

Distracted By Seagulls

I’ve been distracted by Seagulls lately,

on a regular basis;

interrupted by raptors

and ignored by various fascinating falcons;

this is all because

I am habitually hopeless.

It’s surprising that I

even managed to finish this…


Upon Seagulls

Upon Seagulls

A seagull laughed at me once;

then laughed at me many times;

but, I wasn’t going to be mocked,

by a seagull;

ideas to my mind soon flocked,

and I knew that I could get back at that gull

within the depths of my rhymes:

“A seagull had a silly laugh,

all the grace of a drunken giraffe;

a habit of being particularly nasty

to a tourist and his pasty;

pinching food with out a qualm;

then perching at a height, so calm;

enjoying its ill-gotten fare

then repeating the feat without a care.”

Oh, that didn’t really seem to work;

I made the gull seem cool,

myself a berk.

It’s hard to mock the feathered ones

that pinch your pasties, nick your buns;

I hear their laughter overhead,

and flinch at them in utter dread.

When in Looe…

When in Looe

What do you do?

Do you do as the Looeovians do?
Do all roads lead to Looe?

Was Looe built in a day?

Or a bay?

Are you in love with Looe?

Is she your mistress?

Does she cause you distress?

I am assuming that Looe is a lady

And not a malady!
Do you love or hate Seagulls covered in Marmite?
Do you hate to be asked too many questions?
Shall I stop asking you them?
Are you happy now?