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From wingtip to wingtip,

from beak to tail feathers,

from back to claw;

the gull is complete,

and ready to fly

into the yonder blue sky.

The Seagull Flies

The seagull flies,

and, having flown,

espies a chip, a pasty, scone;

whereupon, said gull calculates the angles

required for a heist,

and gains a Vegan Moroccan pasty,

very tasty, yet quite spiced.


The gull had never heard

of Montezuma’s Revenge –

until now.

And gull pledged to gain his own revenge upon

the silly people whilst the Sun it shone.


So, flying high, it chose its victim

aimed, and released, splattering poor Tim

from Sunderland,

who wore his badge of pride

with warmth inside,

and white-splotched coat

that in the Sun it dried,

forming a new pattern for e’er to be,

of his being a target

at Looe-on-Sea.

Blurry Gull

Blurry Gull

up in your blurry sky,

I watch your progress,

as, blurrily, you fly by.

My Parents made me what I am today.

My mother was a Poodle,

my dad a Labrador…

My grandfather a Seagull,

his mum an Albatross…

Just how I turned out as I am,

has left me at a loss.

‘I’m becoming a seagull’

I’m becoming a seagull,

one that sees dogs,

or a dog,

or no dogs at all.

I’m becoming a seagull,

with a yearning for chips,

and an inordinate desire

to follow certain ships.

I’m becoming a pest,

pinching pasties at will,

and pestering people

and all for the thrill.

I’m becoming a seagull

I live by the coast

and in the morning at breakfast

it’s leftovers on toast.

I’m becoming a seagull,

with wings tried and true,

I lift off of the ground

and soar into the blue.



‘ “Pob-bob-bob!” I said’


“Pob-bob-Bob!” I said.

“Yes.” the seagull replied, but it should be ‘Pob-bob-bob-bob!’ as they have ‘two’ dogs.

“Pob-bob-bob-bob!” I said,

correcting the error.

“Precisely!” said the seagull, ‘“You’ll probably get it right next time.”

“Pobbbbbb!” I said, which I soon found out, really wasn’t a very nice thing to say at all.


“Pob-bob-bob!” said the gull.

“Pob-bob-Bob!” said the gull.

“Yes.” I replied, but it should be ‘Pob-bob-bob-bob!’ as I have ‘two’ dogs.

“Pob-bob-bob-bob!” said the gull, correcting its earlier error.

“Precisely!” I said, ‘“You’ll get it right next time.”

“Pobbbbbb!” said the gull, which really wasn’t a very nice thing to say at all.

The Black Sea Gull

From the Black Sea?

Or just a black seagull?

Who knows?

I know that I don’t.

But, mine is to ask the questions

that others have no interest in answering.

It’s what I do.

A seagull in time

A seagull in time saves nine,

so they say;

but, who ‘they’ are, is never mentioned.

and what are the ‘nine’ that are to be saved?

Ladies dancing?

I think not.

Laughing Like a Seagull

“I was so happy

that I could have laughed like a Seagull;

and, so I did.”

Graeme Sandford 2021

See here for a Seagull Laughing

Thor the Thoughtful Seagull – #1

Thor looked down

upon the town

at all the milling people.

Thor thought deeply,

about all manner of things,

and today he thought about… hats.

‘Some people wear hats,’

he mused to himself,

‘whilst others do not.’

thus thought Thor the Thoughtful Seagull.

Then he went on to think of other things.