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“Don’t drink the water!”

Don’t drink the water

that lives in the sea,

there’s more life in one drop

than a mind’s eye can see.


Take a look at a picture

from a microscope slide,

and consider the creatures

that would wriggle inside…

if you drank the water –

what sort of home would you make?


So, ‘don’t drink the water!’

is the decision you should take,

“Don’t drink the water!”

It would be a mistake.

A Fishy Tail


She was dressed to krill
Fancied having a whale of a time
Spent out a good few squid on an outfit
But the plaice was a cod-forsaken dive
The music was too loud and it gave her a haddock
Then the crime squid raided the premises
And she had to cool off in a poisson cell
But, she was released on bait, and a nice pollack man gave her a lift home in his squid carp.