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Tuesday’s Scone

Tuesday’s Scone

is now stale

and beyond edibility;

it’s hardened crust

has assumed the qualities of a stone;

and once where all was soft and sweet,

there is nothing now you’d want to eat;

and when a million years have gone;

an archaeologist will find that scone

and wonder at its grisly form,

and ask, ‘Was this a foodstuff?

Was this the norm?

Did they eat them cold,

or eat them hot?’

They would hazard a guess,

but would know not.

“Where have all the butterflies gone?”

Where have all the butterflies gone?

“Where are ya? Where are ya?

Have you gone off for a nap or a scone?”


‘That seems unlikely;

but, when thought upon,

is as likely as not.’

said a lone Oxford don.

Scone loan

I asked a friend

for the loan of a scone,

I said he could have it back

when I had done;

he refused my request,

and not even my behest and assurances that I would replace it with a familiar or similar,

it it were damaged beyond repair,

would make him change his mind;

he did not care.

They do say Scone Love is blind.


He looked at me, then,

as a wise man looks at a stopped clock

trying to pinpoint exactly

when is Pimm’s O’Clock.

Sloths with Scones

‘Jam on!

Jam on!

Jam on…

… first!’


Two Sloths;

one was loathe to preach

against the beliefs of each

of the two competitors;

but, ‘a Scone is a Scone

and a Scone is a Scone!’

as one will moan

until the other has gone.

The other sloth grabbed a cloth

and wiped its eyes,

‘There is no difference!’

It had been quick to surmise,

‘It is ‘not’ how you pronounce them,

or us,

that matters a jot,

nor whether it’s the jam

or the creams that clot that goes first

It’s just… words that you say,

and shout, and defend;

listen: when they,

and us, have all gone

will that be the end?’


It seems to me

that the Sloth / Sloth

and the Scone / Scone

will be less of an issue

when they are all gone.

A Sloth eating a Scone

A sloth

eating a scone

is not alone

when with another sloth,

as they are both


by the other.

(Poem 14 – Time) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 14 – 13:00 16-05-2017


Arrived much too soon

And, before I knew it,

It had come and goon!
And, no, don’t be thinking

That here is where

I continue the debate betwixt

‘Scon’ and ‘Scoon’

This is neither the place

Nor the time

For that most importantest

Of discussions sublime.
No, here, we are to concentrate on the loss of time

(Which, if stolen, is a weighty crime)

And, what that loss entails.
Did that sound quite serious?

I must be becoming delirious

As I ‘do’ serious

About as much

As I trainspot snails.