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Schrödinger’s Hat

Where is it?

Is it in the box that he bought it in?


Or did he pop it out of the box

and into a cupboard?


Is it upon his head?


Is it hanging behind the door?

No, it isn’t.

Is it in the wash?

No, but it was good to check.

Is it at the Library?

No. Why would it be there, he hasn’t been to the Library.

Is it somewhere else?

Yes – obviously!

Where is his hat?

Now that would be telling.

Thinking inside of the box

Cat would have liked to be thinking outside of the box for a change; thinking inside the box was not all that it had promised to be. But, the promise of a cardboard box to a cat is a wondrous thing – ask any cat.

However, when tired of the box, it should be an easy option for a cat to leave the box, and seek a warm spot in the house.

Not, as has happened to me, to be securely sealed into the box for the sake of a hypothetical experiment.

Who said that people should have pets? And, who said that people who have pets should look after them?

I know it’s not my place to complain (but, I will) but, I do not think that Mr. Schrödinger should have been allowed to keep pets.

I think therefore I am. I have needs and a desire to roam freely. My well-being is ‘not’ being helped by my incarceration in a cardboard box – and I am now well fed up with it.

“What does a poet need?”

It is said that ‘some poets’

find inspiration in a bottle;

but, in my case,

I do not need the Demon drink;

I think

outside of the box,

like the canny fox

who declined a job offer

from Erwin Schrödinger,

and was pleased at that –

unlike Frisky the renamed cat.