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“I am the Cheesecake!”

“I am the Cheesecake!”

“I am the Cheesecake!”

We looked upon her with some confusion.

But, she said no more – not even what flavour she was.

Somebody had to ask, “Why are you ‘the’ cheesecake and not just ‘a’ cheesecake? it was Teddy Bhere, a cuddly giant of a guy who possessed the biggest ginger beard you have ever seen – though nobody knew where he had got it from.

“I am what I am.” she said. Hardly information to wake the world up for.

“What flavour are you?” Deidre Deidre Mee had to ask the question.

“Banana and Mango.” Not too weird, Banango was a popular choice these days.

“With a Digestive Biscuit Base… and…”

We waited for the bombshell – there was always a bombshell.

“… lots of cheese – I like cheese, especially Smelly Blue Cheeses.”

We moved slightly further away from the Cheesecake. And considered our Maths assignment with renewed vigour.

‘Cheese goes with crackers!’ we thought to ourselves.