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Saturday – rainday!


The weekend is here!




Not that I’m complaining,

we need the rain,;

but why can’t it rain at night,

and be sunny in the day?

Who’s to say

that that wouldn’t work?

Whomsoever built the weather system,

didn’t set it up right.

I look out of the widow

and it sure is a sore sight:

Scene from a window – Saturday


Below, in the midst of the snow,

seeking a worm for a snack,

a blackbird pecked around,

the ground was frozen,

the worms had sought deep refuge,

and the blackbird’s efforts

were to no avail,

but keep on it must.


Is it Saturday already?

Is it Saturday already?



did that that happen?

One minute it was Friday,

the next, Saturday!


I suppose that’s how time works,

even though it is a created device,

and twenty-four time zones

(If not more, or less)

go through the process

of ‘Clocking Over’

as I like to call it.


What ever will they think of next?


And who are


Thursday Afternoon

With five syllables

and only two longer words:

Thursday Afternoon.


Monday and Tuesday,

Friday, Sunday, and today,

also fit the form.


But not Wed-nes-day,

and defo not Saturday,

or yesterday day.

Saturday Silly

Saturday Silly?

Do you need some silly, this Saturday?

Or seriousness, like a Latter Day Saint.


In the mid-60s,

when I were a lad,

the Beatles ruled the world,

and lyrics turned mad,

causing a knock on wood effect,

all respect to them that did

what they did, when they did it.

Those who had talent

flaunted it,

those who didn’t

hid it

under a bushel of something or other.

The Mamas and the Papas were famous,

less so the Sisters and Brother.

Here, in the twenty-first sentencury,

things are different,

yet much the same.

A changed identity

going about

under an assumed name.

Have you understood any of the above?



I’d hate to be Clarity reborn.

Have a wonderful Saturday morn.

I woke up (and it wasn’t Friday)

I woke up with that Friday Feeling,

and was then informed

that if wasn’t.

What? I replied.

But, it must be! I continued.

Saturday? I queried.

Where did Friday go?

I asked.

I missed Friday? I questioned my sanity.

Nooooooo! I exclaimed.

I wanted it to be Friday.

But, it isn’t!

I cried


I was going to write

a short poem about Saturday,

but that would have been dreary,

like the weather outside.


So, I shall write a poem

about a Saturday from the past,

a day of sunshine

that all day did last.


It was sunny at dawn,

and when the sun set;

I hadn’t seen a day as sunny as that –

and I haven’t seen another one yet.


Not a drop of rain

from Land’s End to Groats,

calm were the seas,

with their small sailing boats;


and children did play,

and everyone laughed,

the breeze was quite gentle,

not considered a draught.


And everyone remembers

where they were on that day,

in 1976,

on the thirty-eighth day of May.

Saturday Haiku

Wrote lots yesterday

and now my words have run dry –

so, I give you this.

Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday


and if I don’t get a shift on

I shall be looking at Saturday


from a close-to perspective.

Hence these few words

worth a couple of pence –

if that –

and little in the way of wisdom.


Well, it is Saturday


but only just.

Saturday – Piku #2



nearly over.