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Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day #NaPoWriMo Poem #23 (22:00 pm) The end is near / nigh.

This poem is one at the end,

all damage done by the others,

this poem can mend;

put right the wrongs,

as writing belongs

in the light

not the dark,

and a poem well written

will enthuse the spark

that lights the fire

for our literary joys to reach higher.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day #NaPoWriMo Poem #20 (19:00 pm) – Verisimilitude

Seven pm,

evening beckons;

verisimilitude is a thing,

even if it underused,

not that we know its meaning,

probably something to do with

making these words look like a poem.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day #NaPoWriMo Poem #18 (17:00 pm) – Tea?

5pm, and tea on the horizon,

or on the table,

and we are able

to sup and dine

on the fine wine

that is water,

and the tasty fare

that is whatever is there

before you.


Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #17 (16:00 pm) – Proper Poetry?

I want to write a poem bright

That feels so right and I just might

If I work hard and pen my best,

Rubbish discard, ride on the crest

Of a new wave and swim to shore,

I long to save the wild furore;

Yet the time calls, the here and now,

Amidst the squalls, survive somehow.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #16 (15:00 pm) – Charlie

By this time

you might have realised

if you have been following these

that there is a series of unrelated poems

following each other

at hourly intervals.

Some are better than others.

This is one of the less better ones

(You might have realised that, too).

However, it does have a delicate finale;

being written in the rain – what a Charlie!

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #14 (13:00pm) – another Haiku (extended to become a Tanka)

A Haiku (but really a Tanka)


Short and very sweet

the Haiku has become heat

where once there was cold.

Adding additional feet

can make this Tanka complete.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #13 (12:00 noon) – Noon


And not a moment too soon,

or a moment too late;

exactly half way

through the day,

and, I’d just like to say,

‘Remember the date,

April the First,

Twenty, twenty-three,

and call me a fool

and a fool I will be.


So, on with the show,

the afternoon,

and then the night,

will leave the morning

out of sight.

A dozen more

will leave you reeling,

with a dizzy head,

and a loss of feeling.


Hopefully, you will survive,

I’ll see you on the other side.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #12 (11:00am) – Elevenses

Time for Elevenses

Eleven am

and time for Elevenses,

coffee and a biscuit,

or tea and a biscuit

(If you like the Devil’s brew)

or, as it’s a Saturday,

and we might be out

and about,

the possibility

of a piece of cake

to make the day seem special. ,

Saturday Haiku (supplement)

Of the six weak days

Monday is by far the worst –

barely limps along.

Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #11 (10:00am) – Silly Nonsense

Having written some of these

in advance of the invention of cheese,

I would like to apologise

for the words before your eyes.


I often do silly,

and nonsense, and pun

(I can pun ‘til the cows become Homer)

and my day isn’t done

until the puns hit the Sun;

by which time they will have burnt to a frazzle,

and only their memories will live to bedazzle.


Now let us be sensible,

to fool all the time

would be quite reprehensible,

and ruin the rhyme,

which would be a crime.