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“Hi, diddly dee, a Sandford’s life for me.”

“I am a Sandford”

I am a Sandford

not a Landlord

or a TimeLord;

and I can afford

to spread discord

when I say that I am not

a Landlord, TimeLord, Warlord,

or the like.

The census shows my family

as Landfords in one past year,

a lack of handwriting clarity

didn’t make the letters clear;

but I knew

from looking and thinking

that they were mine

and I was theirs,

not Landfords

but Sandfords

adrift back in time

(they weren’t TimeLords either),

and named after a sandy river crossing

I may be,

still, I am a Sandford

(in all probability).

A Sandford in Cornwall

A Sandford in Cornwall

There never was a Sandford in Cornwall,

I think that, maybe, I’m the first;

and if I am the first

I could also be best –

but, also, I could be worst…

the worst Sandford,

in the South West,

in Cornwall.