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H Anna H played rugby

H Anna H played rugby

H Anna H

used to play rugby

running from end to end;

she tryed to touch the down

of a passing duck

but was out of luck

and she did frown;

had to pretend

that she’d done so.

Naughty H Anna H.

The Rugby Men

The Rugby Men (written at The White Hart Hotel, Saturday 8th July, 2017 – we were in the breakfast room, whilst some 14 or so rugby fans were watching early morning rugby on the television in the other bar – the games presumably abroad? A call had gone out for ‘bacon butties’ and then the game had started).
It was the game of the moment.

The All Reds were playing the Mostly Blacks,

At something,

Or other.

Both teams faced themselves

And, occasionally, looked at the other team;

But, that seemed like too much bother.
No one had thought

To have brought a ball

At all

And so they decided to play WiddleyTinks

Which didn’t exist;

Which was fine,

As neither did they.