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Five Crows

Five Crows

Five crows

in a row

about something or other;

one said he was flighty-

he was talking about his brother;

another said the quickest way form A to C

is the way I fly it,

avoiding that place called B;

a third grumbled at the lines upon her face,

‘Oh, why are they called Crow’s Feet? I look a right disgrace!”

The fourth and fifth crows,

we’re nit-picking about picking-nits,

“It’s okay for you, you only have two;

me, I have a hundred and three!’

said one.

‘Well, that’s nothing to crow about.’

said the other.

And on it went.


Roev Sos Roev

Roev Sos Roev

Roev sos roev

row boys, row

until your arms don’t work

and your legs fall off


Roev sos roev

row boys, row

some more.