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Monday morning haiku

On the patio,

watching Rosie’s Cat Yoga,

and drinking coffee.

Rosie Pays a Visit

Rosie Pays a Vosit

Sat on my chest

at 5am

licking my nose

with your rough tongue,

I love you,

Rosie Cat;

but, do you think…

perhaps a little less of that.

2am Mouse Haiku #Haiku

Mouse, not Moose!

Mouse, not Moose!

2am Mouse

Mouse. Definitely!
Rosie Cat has a playmate;
Tom and Jerry time!

I capture said mouse;
Release him safely anon;
Away from the house.

He got on a train
Going to Cheeseborough;
Third class ticket mouse.

I didn’t tell him
That there was no cheese there, now
But, there had been… once.