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Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie went to an orgy,

and blushed the whole way home;

because Georgius Porgius was an Italian

that had never before been to Rome.

“All Roads Lead to Rome?”


“Are you ready to roam Roman ruins?”

The advert questioned me.

I was quizzical.

Quite quizzical.

I was, in fact, far from Fishbourne
Where the Romans had once been…

And even further from Rome
Where the Romans had once –
Well, you know.

Though I have wandered over to see the wonders of Rome
Not once, but twice
It was extremely nice
But, I wasn’t to fussed with the Vatican
I could go there again
And think
I can miss that, I can.
But, if I do ever go back to the Roman era there
There is so much else to see
And share.
And wonder at;
And I hope…
I will be ready.