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Carpe Compendium!

“Seize the games!”

Is what I’d shout

if ancient Romans

were in any doubt

as to my madness.


I’m sorry to say

that I missed the day

when the Romans ruled the world

(well, an awful lot of it);

but, if I had been there

I might not be here now

telling you how

I’d have made myself look

an absolute fool

by shouting loudly

‘A shatterproof rule!’

“All Roads Lead to Rome?”


“Are you ready to roam Roman ruins?”

The advert questioned me.

I was quizzical.

Quite quizzical.

I was, in fact, far from Fishbourne
Where the Romans had once been…

And even further from Rome
Where the Romans had once –
Well, you know.

Though I have wandered over to see the wonders of Rome
Not once, but twice
It was extremely nice
But, I wasn’t to fussed with the Vatican
I could go there again
And think
I can miss that, I can.
But, if I do ever go back to the Roman era there
There is so much else to see
And share.
And wonder at;
And I hope…
I will be ready.