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Rock-Hopper Penguin, Paper Tiger, Scissortail Rasbora!

Well, to decide whose go it is…

let’s use a tried and trusted method:

‘Rock-Hopper Penguin, Paper Tiger, Sciissortail Rasbora’.

How is it done?

Well … both parties have to shake their clenched fist up and down three times, finally opening their hand in the shape of a Rockhopper Penguin, Paper Tiger, or Scissortail Rasbora.

And, as everyone knows, a Rockhopper Penguin beats a Scissortail Rasbora, but is beaten by a Paper Tiger; and a Paper Tiger is beaten by a Scissortail Rasbora.

Who ever wins … is the winner.


Henry Helium and Hugh Hydrogen play Rock Paper Scissors

Henry Helium and Hugh Hydrogen play Rock Paper Scissors

(In mid conversation)

Henry Helium: Mr. Tregonnic? I can’t speak highly enough about him.

Hugh Hydrogen: That’s as may be, Henry, I still think that we should use pistols at dawn.

Henry: Very Eighteenth Century, Hugh, and messy – nowadays we must use ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to decide important issues.

They shake their clenched fists up and down, and Henry plumps for Rock; Hugh chooses Scissors.

Henry: Right! Now you have to ask Mr. Tregonnic if you can take 3C for Combined Latin and Greek – they are the worst rabble ever.

Hugh: Tribus Optimus?