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R.H.Y.T.H.M. & R.H.Y.M.E.

Red-handed, you, the hit-man,

are caught with my misspelling

clenched between your teeth;

your reply:

‘Red-handed? You, me, everybody!

Culpability is my only crime.

A Mess of Poetage

A Mess of Poetage

Poets: “We sold our souls

for rhythm ‘n’ rhyme.”

Non-Poets: “We don’t care.”

Black-Sabbath Fans: “Wasn’t that a Sabbath album?”

If you can’t do the time…

If you can’t do the time…

If you can’t do the time…

then don’t do the rhyme.

Making up words

won’t, generally, win you awards;

but working towards,

half-rhymes, partial rhymes,

incomplete effete rhymes;

rhymes with attitude;

rhymes with a pun;

seriously straight rhymes,

rhymes for fun;

rhymes that don’t,

rhymes that won’t,

rhymes that are visual

but, as is their wont,

when spoken do not,

is an admirable past time—

and, now, I think that I can hear the person on the timer, cough;

so I think that maybe that’s been enoff.

All out of sync

All out of sync

I’m all out of sync,

my brain’s on the blink,

and I cannot think

of another rhyme.

I’m dumb and confused,

numb and quite weary,

clumsy and clearly

shot away;

but, that’s not to say…

over and out,

whisper and shout,

and here is the twist,

I’m the top of my list.

Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack was a collector of nick-nacks- obviously.

He didn’t have a dog.

More than this I do not know.

The Rainbow on the Edge of Time

The Rainbow on the Edge of Time

The Rainbow on the edge of time

existed for barely a minute;

then, it left with out a thought to my rhyme,

and the words that I should put in it.

“Is it still morning?”

“Is it still morning?”

“Is it still morning?”

I ask myself;

I look at the shelf

to see the clock;

but, the clock’s not there,

and neither’s the shelf!

“Oh,no!” I cry;

then I cry

tears of sorrow

no clock today

it was there yesterday

will it be back tomorrow?

Then I cry

tears of joy;

I remember,

that a friend did borrow

that clock of mine

to tell the time

and help this rhyme

be particularly fine.

But, as to the whereabouts of the shelf…?

“The Moon In June”

“The Moon In June”

The Moon in June

is just like the Moon

in any other month,

apart from the rhyme,

of course.

The Moon In June

is just like the Hay in May,

or the Starch in March,

for example.

The Moon In June

is currently appearing in a

showing of Noël Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’

at the Aldwych Theatre


The Moon In June

will be back

all too soon.