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A Serious Poem? Revisited

I tried to write

a serious poem


I did!

Never again!

I felt myself to be a proper Charlie,

a dunce.

I couldn’t get the words to rhyme,

and scan,

and the metre was wrong

(perhaps I wasn’t writing in Metric,

I’m an Imperial man);

and, worst of all,

(which is why I’ve written this all forlorn);

it was



that it made me yawn.

I’ll make it plain,

I won’t make that mistake again;

best to keep it funny –

on with the punny!

It’s a Monday (prose, I suppose) – Revisited 5 years on.

“It’s Mañanaday!”

It’s a Monday.
Did you know, that of all the poems written on a Monday…
…this is one of them?
Not, that this does seem to be a poem… yet!
I bet you can’t see one single rhyme in this that makes it feel anything like a poem… give it time.
It could just be prose.
Who knows the difference?
I don’t – which is not to say that you won’t either.
Neither has distinguishing features; and, poets, being such fussy creatures, usually write in short lines and blocks of lines that they call ‘stanzas’.
“Bananas!” I say

To that.

I’m not the sort

Who writes of a cat

Sat upon a mat –

No, I talk like a toff in a cummerbund and cravat

Nothing else

What do you think of that?
My story is sad

My story is long

My storey is three buildings high

(I don’t know why)

And that just seems wrong.
Anyway, don’t let Monday get you down, and cause you to wear a frown.

Tuesday will be along soon

And we all know what that means.

Recycle Poets! (Revisited – now in Haiku or Tanka version).

“Recycle Poets!”

Haiku Version

Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.


Tanka Version

“Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.

And if that doesn’t stop them

Then probably nothing will!”