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On God’s Birthday

On God’s Birthday

God received a ‘Do-It-Yourself Creation Kit’ for his birthday.

“Thank you Mum! Thank you Dad!”

God’s insincere thanks brought a wry smile to His parent’s lips.

“Oh, well…’ commented God’s mum to her husband, ‘At least we tried.’

God popped the box under his bed and returned to his copy of ‘The Brando’.

The Bells of Menheniot

The Bells of Menheniot

I can hear the bells of Menheniot

ringing out for prayer;

across the fields I hear the knells,

and, soon, I won’t be there.

I can hear the bells of Menheni

a-ringing in my ears;

they call the flock from off the land

to seek comfort for their fears.

I can hear the bells of Menhen

appealing all to come;

the faithful and the sinning soul,

the sentient, and numb.

I can hear the bells of Men

though softer than before,

until at last,

the peals have passed,

and I hear the bells no more.

“Thanks, Chuck!”

“Thanks, Chuck!”

We thank you for the air we breathe;

we thank you for the water that we drink;

all the food that we receive;

and for having the mind with which to think.

We thank you for the story

of a man disdaining glory,

who died for our sins;

that’s where a story begins.